CBC School of healing Praise Reports


Mobility Restored and Pain Left!

A few months ago I began having knee problems.  My doctor told me that the ligaments in my knee had lost their elasticity and I would have to wear a brace. From August I started attending Healing School regularly.  The severe pain that was in my hip, knee and ankle left while I was reading the Word! When I returned to the Doctor he examined my knee and found that my ligaments had elasticity and all the bones are back in place!
Praise God, Thank you Jesus !
Pat, Visitor.

Healed While Serving at Healing School!

I am the camera man at Healing school, so I film other people’s healings. The other day, things were different. For as long as I can remember I have struggled to do physical tasks, and been totally exhausted after them.  As the speaker taught, the Holy Spirit told me to place my hand on my heart.  As I did I felt like electricity go from my hand to my heart.  Heat consumed my chest and I began weeping. The next day I woke up full of energy, like a new man.  I feel better than I ever have in my whole life.  God has healed my heart and canceled a chapter of my life that I didn’t even know was there!
Wayne, CBC Student.

Facial Structure Restored!

I had been suffering from pain in my face for so long.  Back in January 2011 I had a prosthetic implant inserted into my face but it caused stiffness in my cheekbone. I heard about healing school and travelled from out of state just to be here and receive healing. As the prayer minister prayed I felt Jesus healing my cheek, but also my shoulder and knees! God is so good, by His stripes I was healed!
Maria, Visitor.


Holy Spirit Knee Replacement!

I had problems with my knees for years, and had not been able to bend down onto my knees for about a decade.  Three years ago I had surgery to replace my left knee, however this was unsuccessful. During the ministry at Healing School I received a miraculous healing! I was able to kneel down on the floor and worship for the first time in years!
Thank you Jesus !
Cecile, Visitor

10 Years of Chronic Pain Gone!

I was suffering from pain in my right hip and back. I’d been in severe pain for 10 years. I could hardly walk. It was so bad that I wasn’t going to come to healing school this week, but the Lord told me that I should go. I sat on the edge of the stage as the prayer ministers prayed for me. When I stood up I realized that all the pain had gone! I was completely healed! After prayer I was able to walk around and bend without any pain or difficulty!

Thank you Lord!

Broken Ankle Healed!

I broke my ankle in three places a few months ago.  It was a bad break that required surgery to insert metal rods and screws in my bones to hold it all together.  I came to Healing School in a wheelchair with a cast on my leg.

After prayer I removed the cast, got up out of the wheelchair and was able to walk around the auditorium several times!  We went up and down the stairs, the pain left and I had full range of movement in my ankle!

Praise the Lord!

Heart Condition Healed and Confirmed

I had considered not registering for CBC after being diagnosed with a heart condition by my cardiologist.  I had a 98% chance of a coronary blockage and was scheduled for surgery.  As a step of faith I did register for CBC and attended Healing School. They anointed me with oil and prayed. Almost immediately I had more energy. I increased my exercise regime and returned to the doctor for a nuclear stress test.  The tests showed that my heart was healthy and none of the previous problems were present.

Thanks be to God!

Catastrophic Accident Ends in Miraculous Healing

I experienced an extremely catastrophic equine accident last May. Now a year later I have found my way to Charis after it was recommended by a student. After the accident I received surgery to fuse my spine which was nearly broken in half at my skull, my thoracic cage was shattered, I had a broken femur and ribs, collapsed lung, damaged diaphragm, spinal nerve damage, and most of the skin missing from the right side of my face, eyelid, neck and shoulder. I came for prayer today and the pain in my body left instantly!

Thank you Lord!

Kendra, Visitor.

Diabetes Healed

Will had been suffering from leaky gut syndrome and diabetes. As a diabetic he had to take insulin and check his blood sugar levels frequently. After receiving prayer at the CBC Healing School, Will’s levels are perfectly normal!

Arthritis Healed

I had surgery on my left knee in December and was still experiencing pain and swelling.The Arthritis was making walking normally very difficult. After Healing School I went forward for prayer, and I felt like I received God’s love.The pain left my knee, I started walking again, and there was still no pain! I am healed! Thank you Lord!

Cheeye, Visitor

Healed After 7 Years of Suffering

For seven years I had suffered with a urinary disease. I had been taking 21 pills every week to combat the symptoms. Finally I received prayer for this condition at the Healing School. Since then, I have been so well that I was able to reduce my medication by 90% over the course of a week. I came for prayer a second time and fully expect to be able to stop the medication altogether as I will no longer need it!

Praise the Lord!

Signs and Wonders Follow the Preaching of the Word!

As the teacher ministered from the book of Acts I realized that everyone who was prayed for received their healing. This sparked my faith and I decided to go up for prayer! I had been suffering from pain in the middle of my spine. It would pop constantly and cause discomfort. After the Prayer minister prayed a simple prayer I felt all the pain in my spine leave.  It felt light and the discomfort was gone!

Thank you Lord!

Riggi, Visitor

Voice Restored

I had been experiencing symptoms in my throat to the point that my voice was non- existent. I came to school as usual and attended class without even being able to whisper. In the afternoon I went to the Healing School and determined to obey the Lord and sing! I started out by mouthing the words of the songs during the worship and with each song my voice began to return.  By the fourth song I could sing! After ministry at the end of the teaching, even the soreness in my throat completely left. For a sickness that would normally last a least a week, it was totally healed at healing school with minutes.

Praise the Lord!

Confirmed by the Chiropractor

Nine years ago I was involved in a car accident.  Since the accident I have suffered from pain in my back, neck and leg. I came to the CBC Healing School for prayer.  The prayer minister who prayed with me was very kind and compassionate. I felt the pain start to leave and peace came over me. I returned to the chiropractor and he confirmed that my back and neck are now aligned where they had been out of place and causing pain!

Praise the Lord.

Barbara, Visitor

The Pain Left

I had been suffering from severe pain in my back and hip, so much that it would wake me up at night. I went forward for prayer for the pain, and for the lack of sleep that I was experiencing. The prayer ministers prayed for me to have sweet sleep, and the Holy Spirit revealed to them a heart issue. After commanding the pain to leave, I received a full manifestation in my hip and back. The pain is completely gone! Now I can sleep again at night!

Praise the Lord!

Nekatah, CBC Student

I Can Walk Without My Cane

I was diagnosed with a degenerative condition in my neck and spine.  It caused me to be in constant pain, 24 hours a day.  The doctors had told me that I was not a candidate for surgery, therefore I was dependent on pain medication to control my symptoms. Since receiving prayer I have not needed to take the drug I was so dependent on as the pain is gone, more than that…I am able to walk without my cane!

Praise the Lord!

John, Visitor

Tumor Left Like a Popped Balloon

My husband had been diagnosed with a large tumor. He went forward for prayer for a lump and watched as God took it away as if it were a balloon being popped! The tumor left and now he is walking in complete and divine health.

Praise the Lord!

Michele, CBC Student

Healed and Ready for the Mission Field

Six days before leaving on a mission to Germany I developed a hernia. This caused constant pain in my stomach, leg and groin. Moving around and even going to the bathroom became very painful. After the Healing School I went up for prayer. As the minister prayed I felt an ice like sensation covering the injured area. He kept praying and the pain and tension left completely! I climbed the steps of the stage and jumped off in victory! By His stripes I am healed!

Thank you Lord!

Wayne, 2nd Year CBC Student

Healed from Diabetes

At the very first School of Healing on Jan 27, 2011, I was healed from insulin diabetes!

The intern prayed for me and told me to read Romans 8:26.  I was not sure how to pray until she suggested that I use the Holy Sprit like a shot of insulin. We believed together that I would see a progressive healing. That night I took my ‘Holy Spirit shot’ instead of my regular insulin, and my blood sugar began to dramatically decrease.

Now my blood sugar is perfectly normal, the Holy Spirit was more effective than any man made insulin could have been! This is what is so awesome to me about the Healing School, the Intern gave me a word from God that became revelation to me. Before, I’d prayed and taken my authority but not seen any change. The Word made the difference and I received my healing!                      

Darla, 2nd Year CBC Student

Reading Small Print Again

Before attending the Healing School I had pain throughout my body. In addition to this my vision was impaired to where I was unable to read small print. I went forward for prayer, and the students prayed with me. The pain left my body! I have no pain now! I can also see much better!

Thank you Lord!

Mario Venzor, Visitor

Mobility Restored and Pain Free

I was suffering from pain and stiffness in both knees and in my back.  This made walking up and down stairs, and getting in and out of the car especially difficult. After receiving prayer the pain and stiffness left.  I could walk up and down the platform steps without any difficulty. The next morning I noticed that I could get out of my bed without any problem, usually this would have been very painful.  I am also able to climb in and out of the car again. Every day I am getting stronger and am able to do more!

Thank you Lord!

Patsy, Visitor

A Physical Overhaul

I was suffering from pain in my back and leg, had lung and heart disease and diabetes. The prayer ministers prayed for me and as they laid hands on my leg, I felt heat spread up my leg and throughout my whole body. All the pain left!  I feel completely whole and healed, it is just like I have had a physical overhaul.

Thank you Lord!

Dick, Visitor

Speech Restored

James suffered from a breathing blockage that resulted in a speech impediment. James is 70 years old, and has been unable to speak clearly since childhood. His desire to share the Gospel has been plagued by his fear of not being able to communicate, so he has shied away from people. Even speech therapy failed to resolve his condition. After receiving prayer at the Healing School, James is now able to speak unhindered and breathe easily, and looks forward to sharing his testimony! 

James, Visitor

Now I Can Hear

Over the years I have had numerous surgeries to remove tumors that developed in my ears. The tumors caused a loss of hearing in both of my ears. I came forward for prayer at Healing School and as the prayer minister prayed I could feel the Holy Spirit flowing through my ears. When I took my hands away from my ears I could hear again!

Praise the Lord!

Janet, visitor