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Colorado: A perfect mix of outdoor adventure and in-town activities

Woodland Park

The City of Woodland Park is tucked away at the foot of Pikes Peak. With small town charm and three hundred days of sun each year, you can’t beat it! Enjoy exploring the wilderness of Pike National Forest as well as taking advantage of what Woodland Park has to offer in town and the surrounding areas:

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs

Many of our students live in Colorado Springs – ranked in the top ten of places to live in the U.S. and only a thirty to forty-five minute scenic commute to school. Here are just a few examples of the many attractions in Colorado Springs:

Helpful Tips


Information about public transportation and how to get around in Woodland Park.

Winter Driving

Helpful advice for driving in the snow. Especially if you are new to the area.

Living at High Altitude

At an elevation of 8,465 feet, there are some things to consider when moving to Woodland Park.

Medical Facilities

Information about medical facilities near our Colorado Campus.

Job Opportunities

Most of our staff and upper leadership are Alumni of Charis Bible College. We have many job openings that students can apply for. To see a full listing of jobs available, please visit Additionally, our relocation team is able to assist you with other job opportunities if you have paid your student deposit. Please contact us for assistance.



In Colorado Springs public transportation is available with Uber, Lyft, and Mountain Metropolitan Transit

In Colorado Springs you may be able to bicycle to the store or walk to nearby restaurants, but in order to get to Woodland Park and once in Woodland Park, public transportation is virtually non-existent. Biking/walking is not feasible for transportation to school in most situations due to mountainous terrain and wintery weather; it can snow as early as September and as late as May. Vehicle registration and insurance is required in Colorado, as well as double license plates

Winter Driving Tips

Check your:

  • Battery
  • Tire wear and air pressure – you’ll need good tread for winter driving
  • Antifreeze level and freeze line
  • Windshield blades – New blades to fight ice build-up
  • Gas tank- Don’t let it get below a quarter of a tank

Keep a “Winter Supply Box” in your car during the Winter:

  • Ice scraper and snow brush
  • Properly inflated spare tire, wheel wrench, and tripod jack
  • Shovel Bag of salt or cat litter for better tire traction or to melt snow
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • First aid kit Windshield cleaner – antifreeze type
  • Matches in a waterproof container
  • Nonperishable, high-energy foods
  • Bottled water
  • Winter coat
  • Blankets, mittens, socks, and hats
  • Snow Boots and extra socks

Living at High Altitude Tips

  1. Slowly acclimate. Try to stay below 7,000 feet the first day
  2. Give your body time to adjust. Avoid strenuous exercise the first day. 
  3. Limit alcohol intake. Alcohol binds oxygen and water and robs your body of these two important nutrients. It also slows the acclimation process.
  4. Drink more water. Keep to a minimum of 1 liter of water for every 4 hours of inactivity and 1 liter of water for every 2 hours of activity. 
  5. Always travel with a companion. If someone begins to experience severe coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or chest pain, get him or her to a lower altitude as quickly as possible.
  6. Check with a medical advisor. The effects of some drugs can be greatly increased at higher altitudes. Be sure to check with your doctor before exerting yourself at higher altitudes.

People will acclimatize at different rates. Make sure all members of your family are properly acclimated before going higher.

 If you have any breathing difficulties if may be best for you to live in Colorado Springs and come up to school for the 4-5 hours a day and then return to Colorado Springs

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Adjunct Instructor

Duane Sheriff

Duane Sheriff is the senior founding pastor of Victory Life Church, a multi-campus church headquartered in Durant, Oklahoma. Pastor Duane is an author and speaker who travels around the world speaking at conferences and churches. He also serves as an instructor at Charis Bible College, teaching a personal presentation of the Gospel that resurrects hope and ignites faith.

Dean of Worship Arts and Healing School

Daniel Amstutz

Daniel and his wife, Tracy, have been married for over forty years and have two children and seven grandchildren. Daniel is an ordained minister, a published songwriter and recording artist. He holds a bachelor of music degree in vocal performance from the University of Colorado and a bachelor of theology degree from Christian Life School of Theology. Daniel is the president of Daniel Amstutz Collective, Inc., a non-profit that connects generations in spirit and truth. He loves to help people become free through the Word of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Adjunct Instructor

Arthur Meintjes

Arthur Meintjes, originally from South Africa, trained at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas. He and his wife Cathy now reside in Colorado and travel the world preaching the Gospel with Kingdom Life Ministries. Arthur is also an adjunct instructor at Charis Bible College where he teaches first and second year classes for both the day and night school. He teaches with integrity and openness, so that hearts and lives will be changed and people will realize their acceptance by God and value as human beings.

Director of Business School

Paul Milligan

Paul Milligan and his wife, Patsy, have been married for forty-four years and have three children and nine grandchildren. Paul has over thirty-five years of experience in the corporate world and twenty-eight years in building his own companies. Paul is currently chairman of the board of Solaris Healthcare, Inc., and has been a member of the board of directors of Andrew Wommack Ministries/Charis Bible College since 2003. He now serves as the Director of the Year 3 Business School.

Executive Vice Presidents

Mike & Carrie Pickett

Mike and Carrie Pickett were married in 2006 and have two children. They lived sixteen years in Russia as full-time missionaries. Carrie graduated from Charis Bible College in 1999 and moved to Russia to plant a Charis Campus, where Mike would get connected and eventually direct Andrew Wommack Ministries, Russia. Now they are the Executive Vice Presidents of Charis Bible College as well as instructors, dedicated to using the Word of God to raise up leaders.

Executive Director of Communications

Elizabeth Fumero Muren

Elizabeth was born in Honduras to missionary parents. After marrying her husband, Robert, they traveled in thirteen countries with a stage musical called The Covenant, using song, music, and dance to tell the story of God’s love for His people. In October 2012, their friends in Norway introduced Robert and Elizabeth to the teachings of Andrew Wommack. Shortly thereafter, Elizabeth contacted Andrew for his feedback on their screenplay, and they were invited to perform God with Us at Charis Bible College. The Murens have been producing musicals in partnership with Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis since 2014, with the sole purpose of reaching the world with the Word of God.

Director of Practical Government School

Mark Cowart

Mark Cowart was born on April 2nd, 1958. He and Linda were married in 1985 and have three children and two grandchildren. Mark began in ministry in 1983 when he started volunteering in his local church. He and Andrew Wommack met at a meeting in 1978 and he now serves as the Director of the Year 3 Practical Government School. Mark Cowart is also the senior pastor of Church For All Nations, where he focuses on empowering people to carry out the Great Commission.

Chief Executive Officer

Billy Epperhart

Billy Epperhart began in ministry in 1978 and gained experience as a youth pastor and senior pastor. As a CEO and Founder of his own real estate company, he owned and supervised a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio located in five different real estate markets. Billy is also a public speaker who has authored seven books. Billy is now the CEO of Andrew Wommack Ministries, Charis Bible College and Truth and Liberty. His two nonprofits; WealthBuilders and Tricord Global, help people to make sense of making money for making a difference.

Adjunct Instructor

Lawson Perdue

Lawson Perdue and his wife, Barbara, have been in full-time ministry for over thirty years and are the senior pastors of Charis Christian Center in Colorado Springs. Lawson was called to preach in 1978 through the ministry of Andrew Wommack. He challenges his students to break out of the mold, emphasizing abundant life and identity in Jesus Christ.

Executive Director of Academics

Daniel Bennett

Daniel Bennett’s journey with Charis began in 2007 while he served in the U.S. Air Force. He completed the first year of Charis by mail, and later graduated from Charis in Colorado in 2009. He also completed Charis’ Business School and earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from UCCS. 
Starting as a volunteer at Charis extension campuses in the U.S. and abroad, Daniel joined Charis’ staff in Colorado in 2014. Since then, he has served in various roles, including as the Dean of Students and as an Executive Director. Daniel’s passion is discipleship, and as an instructor at Charis, his favorite topics are friendship with God and practical wisdom.

Ministry Ambassador

Wendell Parr

Wendell Parr was born on March 19th, 1943. Wendell and Linda were married in 1963 and have two children, one grandchild, and two great-grandchildren. Wendell started in ministry in 1973 when he began pastoring a church. He became connected with Andrew Wommack in 1989 at the Minister’s Conference in Buena Vista. He would go on to help Andrew start Charis Bible College in 1994 as well as plant the first international Charis campus in England in 1997. Wendell continues to teach at Charis Bible College and holds the title of Ministry Ambassador; sharing the Word of God and encouraging believers to keep their eyes on Jesus.

Director of Ministry School

Greg Mohr

Greg Mohr was born on December 4th, 1951. He is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, and has earned a master’s degree in leadership from Southwestern Christian University. Greg and Janice were married in 1971 and have four children and twelve grandchildren. He began in ministry in 1976 through street ministry, a bus ministry, as well as being a children’s pastor. Greg served as senior pastor of River of Life Church in Decatur, Texas, for twenty-four years. He heard Andrew’s teaching on a cassette tape in 1981 and from there invited him to speak at his church every year. He now serves as Director of Ministry School, teaching and helping students grow in wisdom, Christlikeness, and grace.

Senior Instructor

Barry Bennett

Barry Bennett was born on August 18th, 1952. Barry is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas. He and Betty Kay were married in 1978 and have three children and eight grandchildren. Barry began in the Ministry in 1978 as a missionary in Mexico, and would go on to serve for 12 years in Chile and Guatemala. Barry was introduced to Andrew Wommack through his radio show and came to work at Andrew Wommack Ministries in 2007 and is now the Senior Instructor at Charis Bible College, Woodland Park, ministering on many topics focusing on the goodness of God and hearing His voice. 

Executive Director of World Outreach

David Briggs

David serves as the Executive Director of World Outreach, bringing decades of experience and dedication to his role. Married to Melta for 49 years, they are proud parents to four children and grandparents to ten grandchildren. David holds a B.A. in Bible Theology and an M.S. in Inter-Cultural Development, specializing in Micro-Finance & Micro-Enterprise development. His career spans both the private sector, where he owned a business, and ministry since 1974, working with non-profit and faith-based organizations across 45 countries. As a partner and Co-founder of Tricord Global with Billy Epperhart, David oversees international operations. Introduced to Andrew Wommack’s ministry in 1978, he has also contributed to the Charis Business School and Global Training.

Adjunct Instructor

Rick McFarland

Rick McFarland was born on December 3rd, 1967. Rick and Joann were married in 2001. He graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing in 1991. He then graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1993. He also attended and graduated from the School of the Local Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1996. Rick was a singles pastor at Grace Church for sixteen years and moved to Colorado in 2011 to attend Charis Bible College with his wife, Joann, where he would graduate from the Year 3 Ministry School. Rick is the senior pastor of River Rock Church in Colorado Springs and teaches several core classes at Charis including Principles of Grace and Faith and How to Study the Bible.

Chief of Staff

Will Royer

A 2013 graduate of Charis, Will came to the ministry with a background in public education, later completing certifications in formal process improvement and business administration. He began his journey with the ministry in the call center, and since that time, has overseen diverse departments such as Project Management, Process Improvement, Conferences and Events, Product Fulfillment, Communications, and College Operations. Having demonstrated an inspired ability to train and develop leaders, he now serves Mike & Carrie Pickett in building out Charis Bible College worldwide.

Guest Speaker

Jesse Duplantis

Jesse Duplantis has traveled throughout the world since 1978 preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesse founded Jesse Duplantis Ministries (JDM) with a desire to use every available voice to cover the earth with God’s love. JDM has its International Headquarters in Destrehan, Louisiana as well as additional offices in the United Kingdom and Australia.

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Guest Speaker

David Barton

David Barton is the Founder of WallBuilders, a national pro-family organization that presents America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage. David is the author of numerous best-selling books and a sought-after speaker. David is also a frequent guest on a number of national media programs, and is a host on a daily radio show, WallBuilders Live. He serves as a consultant to state and federal legislators, has participated in several cases at the US Supreme Court  His work in media has merited several Angel Awards, Telly Awards, and the Dove Foundation Seal of Approval.

Guest Speaker

Timothy Barton

Timothy Barton is the President of WallBuilders, a national pro-family organization that presents America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our religious, moral, and constitutional heritage. Tim is an ordained minister and has worked in a variety of church staff positions, including as youth minister, worship leader, and assistant pastor. Tim has been a guest on numerous national television and radio programs including The Ben Shapiro Show, the Glenn Beck Program, Louder With Crowder, TBN, Andrew Wommack Ministries, and many others. He is also a writer for the Epoch Times. Regardless of where he is, Tim speaks into the lives of those around him, encouraging them to live passionately and to follow Christ whole-heartedly.

Guest Speaker

Bill Federer

Bill Federer is a nationally known speaker, best-selling author, and president of Amerisearch, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to researching America’s noble heritage. Bill gained national recognition for lecturing and writing, receiving an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from American Christian College in 2004; and an Honorary Doctorate of Global Leadership from Midwest University in 2013. In addition to serving on numerous advisory boards, Bill is an original signer of the Manhattan Declaration.

Guest Speaker

Bob McEwen

Bob McEwen is Senior Advisor with the nationally recognized law firm of Greenebaum, Doll & McDonald. As such he maintains offices in Cincinnati and Washington, DC. An Ohio native, Bob McEwen represented Ohio in the United States House of Representatives for six terms. Prior to his Congressional service, he operated a successful Ohio Real Estate and Development firm as well as serving three terms in the Ohio General Assembly as the Senior Republican on the Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee. An outstanding communicator, Mr. McEwen is a leading advocate for pro-family interests and free-market economics. As such, he maintains an active international speaking schedule.

Guest Speaker

Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar is a founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International (WCCI). He’s a world-renowned Bible teacher, sought-after conference speaker, and bestselling author with hundreds of books, CDs, and DVDs in distribution worldwide. He is the author of such game-changing books as The Radical Life of Grace and Why I Hate Religion, and his award-winning Changing Your World television broadcast reaches nearly 1 billion homes. Creflo Dollar and his wife, Taffi, have five children, and they live in Atlanta.

Adjunct Instructor

Alex McFarland

Alex McFarland is a Christian apologist, author, evangelist, religion and culture analyst, and advocate for biblical truth. Alex was the third president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and College, located in Charlotte, NC, from 2001 until 2005. He has preached in over 2,200 churches throughout North America and numerous more internationally. He also speaks at Christian events, conferences, debates, and other venues to teach biblical truths and preach the gospel.

Executive Director of Operations

Caleb Stewart

Caleb Stewart started as a youth pastor in 2009 and continued in full-time ministry for the next five years. After hearing Andrew teach Caleb began working at Andrew Wommack Ministries in 2014, and attended school, graduating in 2018. He now serves as the Executive Director of Charis Operations with the desire to help people grow in their personal relationship with God.

Adjunct Instructor

Audrey Mack

Audrey Mack is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center and Victory World Mission Center and has been in the ministry since 1987. Audrey has been healed of bone cancer in 1999, and has a burning desire to bring the message of faith, grace and healing to this generation.  

Audrey married her husband Frederick in 1999. Frederick is a graduate of Charis Bible College but also a successful general contractor who sees his business as an avenue to serve and share his faith. Audrey’s joy is to connect people with God’s heart, teaching them to walk with the Holy Spirit so that they may become fruitful and fulfill their God given destiny.

Vice Presidents

Mike & Carrie Pickett

Mike and Carrie Pickett were married in 2006 and have two children. They lived sixteen years in Russia as full-time missionaries. Carrie graduated from Charis Bible College in 1999 and moved to Russia to plant a Charis Campus, where Mike would get connected and eventually direct Andrew Wommack Ministries, Russia. Now they are the Vice Presidents of Charis Bible College as well as instructors, dedicated to using the Word of God to raise up leaders.

Senior Vice President

Andrew Wertz

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President and Founder

Andrew Wommack

Andrew Wommack was born on April 30th, 1949. Andrew and Jamie Wommack were married in 1972 and they have two sons and one granddaughter. He founded Andrew Wommack Ministries in 1978 and Charis Bible College in 1994. Andrew teaches across the country and the world through Conferences, Charis Bible College, and his TV show: The Gospel Truth – All with the desire to reach far and deep with the Gospel focusing on God’s unconditional love and grace.