Fatherhood CD by Paul Milligan

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The foundation for building a righteous heritage is fatherhood. The fatherhood anointing is required to build a family, build an organization, or build a nation. Jesus revealed God as Father, and through fatherhood, God created the human race and ordained fatherhood as the way to nurture and build a godly family.

God chose Abraham to be the father of many nations. God built His chosen nation through Abraham and called Abraham to be a father. A lot of people speculate about why God called Abraham. He was an idol worshiper from a family of idol worshipers. Why would God call a pagan to build His chosen nation? In His Word, God reveals to us why and in so doing teaches us how to be an effective fathers.

The essence of fatherhood is to teach succeeding generations who the “Great Father” is and to teach them to obey God and build the next godly generation.