Our main campus is located in the beautiful mountain community of Woodland Park, Colorado.

With the perfect view of snow-capped Pike’s Peak, you can enjoy and discover numerous activities in the surrounding area. The “mountain life” is the perfect place for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, skiing, mountain biking, or just sitting under a grove of Aspens while you take in God’s breathtaking creation! 

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First year students at Charis

Taught by anointed and experienced pastors and teachers, the first year focuses on building a solid foundation of the Word and renewing your mind to the Gospel truths of Jesus Christ. Discover who God really is, and who YOU really are in Him! Charis’ First Year Program offers foundational classes such as: 

  • Holy Spirit I, II & III
  • A Sure Foundation
  • Fruits of the Spirit

 First year student studies at Charis

Our Second-Year Program, The School of Practical Ministry, will take you deeper into your destiny and teach you how to apply biblical truths to every area of life. It’s during this time that students travel with a team of classmates on a mission trip experience! Charis’ Second-Year has courses such as:

  • How to Flow in the Gifts
  • How to Get Along With People
  • Practical Skills for Godly Relationships
  • Advanced Bible Doctrines

Friends at Charis Bible College

Upon graduation, students are eligible to apply for Charis’ Third Year Program. Here, graduates will be able to identify and be equipped for their calling! Apply for the school of your choice:


Get ready for the most transforming experience of your life!