Set Free from the Guilt of Abortion!

10/13/21 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Raped by a family member at the age of four, Yvonne Smith from Ft. Worth, Texas, started down a path of self-destruction and looking for love in all the wrong places.

She began dating a fifteen-year-old young man named Chris just before her thirteenth birthday. Chris was raised by an alcoholic father and a mother who left. When you put these two broken children together, you have a recipe for what happened next.

Six months into the relationship, Yvonne got pregnant.

Chris’s mother suggested they have an abortion, but being Catholic, Yvonne’s mother was adamantly against it. Full of guilt from religion, she had her first daughter at the age of thirteen.

Yvonne and Chris got their own place. They spent their days so high and drunk that years later, Yvonne didn’t realize she was pregnant again until she was almost in her third trimester.

Without her mother’s influence, Yvonne decided to have an abortion.

On the day she went to the clinic, she saw all these people holding up signs with pictures of mutilated babies, and one lady screamed at her, “You don’t want to be a murderer!”

Inside the clinic, they did an ultrasound to find out how far along Yvonne was. The clinician told her because of the birth control and street drugs she had done, the child would be handicapped.

They went into what would’ve looked like a delivery room. “It was freezing,” says Yvonne. “It was absolutely the worst, most painful feeling I’ve ever felt. A part of me was being ripped out of me. I’m shaking and so cold, and no one is there.”

Although she eventually gave her life to Jesus and raised three children with Chris, that decision she made at nineteen haunted her for decades—the guilt made worse by two miscarriages.

God had delivered Yvonne from drugs and saved her marriage, but it would take a new revelation to free her from self-condemnation. She still had a fear that she was going to go to hell if she wasn’t good enough.

All that changed when she got hold of Andrew’s teaching, Spirit, Soul, and Body. When she found out Christ had paid for all her sins, including the abortion, God was able to heal her from decades of guilt and condemnation, and she began flowing in the gifts of the Spirit.

She had a vision in which she saw a young girl on the side of a mountain. She knew her daughter, and her daughter knew her. There was total love and acceptance. Then she saw herself on the side of the mountain with six children. They were all totally happy and free.

Yvonne knew then that God wanted her to tell everyone that He is not holding their past against them. She also knows that one day she and Chris will be reunited with all their children—never to part again for all eternity!