10 Ways to Make Right Now Vital to Your Future

08/19/19 at 04:16 PM | Published Under Charis Staff

Based on a teaching by Carrie Pickett

Does it seem like you are going from crisis to crisis and constantly putting out fires?

We’re always looking ahead, and praise God for vision! The Holy Spirit will reveal things to come, but He will also lead and guide you right now.

We can disqualify ourselves for seasons to come by not letting the Holy Spirit lead us now. We have to constantly make sure that our time and our schedules are in God’s hands. Here are some practical things to help you prepare for seasons to come—right now:

  1. Know the difference between good opportunities and God opportunities. God’s opportunities will build you up, while others will deplete you, steal your time, and burn you out.
  2. Recognize and rejoice in the season you’re in, knowing that God has more for you. God always wants the testimony. You can live a supernatural testimony when you apply your relationship with God to your everyday decision making and thought processes. 
  3. Know the difference between results and fruit. There are a lot of things we can do in our own strength to produce good results. Fruit is birthed by the Lord when you’re led by the Spirit. Get out of your own intelligence and operate in godly wisdom to produce fruit. 
  4. Know that God is committed to your growth and transformation (Phil. 1:6). You have the Holy Spirit on the inside of you, and He wants it more than you do!
  5. Don’t use the world’s definition of good. God’s definition of good (Phil. 1:6, Eph. 2:10) is: to flourish; to abound; to burst forth; to multiply; to expand.
  6. Don’t be content with your current level of revelation and relationship with Jesus. People around you should always see you growing and changing.
  7. Examine where you spend your time. What you give your time to determines your focus and reality. There are things we give our time to that are not God. The fruit of self-control lives in you, and you can turn off the TV or your phone!
  8. Don’t find your identity in what you do. Your identity has to come from who you are as a child of God. God is not interested in how much we can fit into the day. He’s interested in how He lives in our day.
  9. Give your agenda and schedule to God. Be careful not to plan God’s will for your life and expect Him to sign off on it. 
  10. Let prayer, meditation and worship happen WHILE you do life. You can pray meditate and worship as you go about your everyday life.

When you’re tuned in to Him and do things out of His Spirit, it’s obvious they’re too big for you to have done them in your own power. 

Then people will look at your life and give all the glory and praise to God.