3 Keys to Your Miracle!

08/29/18 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Based on How to Become a Water Walker —Andrew Wommack



Peter’s water walk in Matthew 14:22-29 perfectly illustrates truths that are essential to walking in the miraculous. 

Someone might say, “But Peter began to sink.” That’s true. But Peter also walked on the water. That’s something no one but Jesus is recorded in Scripture as doing. And when Peter began to sink, the Lord was right there to pick him up. He didn’t drown, and neither will you if you get out of the natural and begin to start walking in the supernatural.

  • Submit yourself to Him (v.22). The Lord had to constrain His disciples to get into the ship. Constrained means to compel or urge. In other words, the disciples’ were resistant to do what Jesus said, but they went ahead and submitted themselves to Him. They were doing exactly what Jesus told them to do. That’s one of the essentials to receiving a miracle from God.
  • Don’t think it’ll all be smooth sailing (v.24). Some people have the mistaken belief that if they are really following God, then everything should be smooth sailing. That’s how many discern whether they are in the will of God. If everything is just perfect, then it must be God. But thinking you have missed God just because you have a problem is absolutely incorrect. This instance proves that. They were doing exactly what the Lord told them to do.


  • GET OUT OF THE BOAT! (v. 29) God intended for mankind to live in Him. He is not limited by the things you see and experience in this physical world. If you aren’t walking in the supernatural, miraculous power of God, you are living below your privileges. That might seem strong, but it’s true. If your life isn’t supernatural, then it’s superficial. 

You may think, Well, I don’t need a miracle like this. I don’t need to walk on water. What does this have to do with my situation? 

Of course, I’m not saying that God wants you to physically walk on water. The significance of this is that it looked like the disciples might be killed, and Peter was able to walk on top of what was trying to kill him.

What’s trying to kill you? Is it sickness? How about financial problems or marital problems? Maybe it’s just the mundane. Many people are suffering from boredom. 

Whatever it is, God wants to release His miracle-working power in you and put you on top. But it’s up to you. It’s His power that performs the miraculous, but Peter didn’t see that power in operation until he stepped out of the boat.

The exact same principles that operated in Peter’s life for him to walk on water will work for you too.

Get these principles operating in your life, and receive the miraculous power of God!