Do You Really Know About Truth & Liberty?

06/20/18 at 06:00 AM | Published Under On Campus



The Kingdom of God is far bigger than your family or local church.

To deliver the truth of God’s Kingdom and unite the Body of Christ with the world at large, as Christians, we have a mandate to bring godly change to our nation and the world through the seven spheres—or mountains—of societal influence.

What Are the Seven Mountains of Societal Influence?

In 2000, Lance Wallnau launched the 7 Mountain Mandate, a powerful, transformative campaign intended to bring about social transformation.

These seven fields of society must be reached:

  • Religion & Faith - Christianity is under attack and the concept of God is being rejected more than ever. We believe that the Church must revive its previously strong influence on Western society.
  • Family - Unfortunately, families in the U.S. have been under attack and suffered from dysfunction for decades. God wants to bring healing to marriages and relationships, ending this chaos and providing a solid moral foundation for our children.
  • Education - We seek to restore biblical truth and Godly morality into our country’s failing educational system.
  • Government & Law - Our ultimate goal for this mountain is to put into place righteous political leaders who will bring godly principles into all areas of government.
  • Media, News & Commentary - To bring transformation to this enormous mountain, we shall speak the truth from a biblical perspective to combat the sea of disinformation spread by liberal elite outlets and other mainstream media sources.
  • Arts & Entertainment - The body of Christ is in desperate need of righteous people who take their talents into these fields and are unafraid of using their platform to further His greater purposes.
  • Business & Economics - We believe in limiting the role of government in our nation’s business practices, and we also espouse prosperity with a purpose, calling upon those who manage businesses to lead with integrity, honesty and by biblical principles.

The Truth & Liberty Coalition

Truth & Liberty is an initiative birthed by Andrew Wommack and other notable ministry leaders to establish and catalyze a movement that promotes the true reformation and flourishing of nations through the teachings of Jesus Christ, and empower His people by providing them content, cohesion, and direction.

Truth Liberty has a Livecast that will keep you informed on current events in a way you will never see in mainstream media—a Christian view. Visit for the next scheduled Livecast and more resources to keep you informed.

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