The 1 Monumental Resolution You Need in the New Year

12/26/18 at 07:10 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Adapted from the article, “Effortless Change” by Andrew Wommack

Growth means change. Have you ever seen a plant that’s green and growing and not in a constant state of change? 

For the plant, it’s effortless; it just grows, and the change is evident to everyone. 

Your life should be just like that—green, growing, changing, and evident to the world. The plant never resolved to do anything. It just grows and produces fruit because of what it is. The Word of God is the same. When it’s planted, it just produces—effortlessly.

If you’re like a lot of Christians, you’ve probably tried to change many times but find it hard and frustrating. Maybe it’s because you aren’t doing it God’s way. You substitute prayer, fasting, and your own effort for the seed of God’s Word. Don’t get me wrong: Prayer and fasting are like water and fertilizer to a seed. A seed needs those things. But it is the seed that has the miracle of life in it.

The only effort on your part is to put God’s Word in your heart and protect and nurture it. His Word will produce the change

My whole life and ministry are the product of meditating on God’s Word. Any good thing in my life or ministry can be traced back to how God’s Word has changed me. I believe it’s the same for you. In the natural world, everything revolves around seed, time, and harvest. It’s the same in the spiritual world. God’s Word is the seed that, given time, produces a harvest.

I want 2019 to be the most fruitful time of change and harvest you’ve ever had! 

In the natural, we recognize that we can’t have a harvest without planting seeds. But in the spiritual realm, Christians try it all the time. Instead of going to the Word and meditating in the Scriptures, they run to someone who has spent time in the Word and ask for help in an attempt to shortcut the process of seed, time, and harvest.

Then, if they don’t see results, they get confused and offended. God can meet needs through the faith of others, but it’s temporary and His secondary way of touching us. God’s best is to take the seed of His Word and plant it in our hearts where it will naturally and effortlessly produce the changes we want.

When the Lord directed me to focus on His Word back in 1968, everything changed. 

That seems too simple to some, but a word from God all those years ago has been my prime directive for 50 years and has produced miraculous results. And the change it has produced has been nearly effortless.

For the coming year and every year thereafter, just make one, monumental resolution: 

Stay in the Word.

Happy New Year!