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If there’s one thing we as Christians need, it’s a better understanding of government—how to recognize when it’s functioning properly and what we can do about it when it isn’t. 

Some would say our role is not clearly defined in Scripture. They would be mistaken. Others would reference “the separation between church and state.” Their logic would be misapplied. The truth is, government is an essential, biblical concept. The very notion of “kingdom," found all throughout Scripture, makes that clear. Once we realize our call and responsibility to impact government in some form, we then need to be equipped to fulfill that call.

At Charis Bible College, we understand the need to equip those who are called to make a difference from behind a pulpit. But we also understand the need to equip those who will go beyond it. That is why we have added the Practical Government School to our third-year tracks. The school was conceived from a desire within Andrew Wommack to inform Christians about America’s godly heritage and to mobilize them to make an impact on today’s culture.

“One thing about the arena of government is that everybody is a part of it, whether they want to be or not, because we are all citizens,” says Practical Government School Coordinator Richard Harris. “There are people who are called to run for office, and we want to find and equip those people. However, there are many others who are not called to office, but they can still make a huge impact.” Why get involved? Because no matter what God has called us to do, it is to make a difference for the better.

Many Christians know they’re called to make a difference but don’t know the what, the where, the when, or the how to go about it. Richard explains how Charis can help: “Different people are called to different levels of engagement, so the school is for everybody—from a homeschool mom, who wants to impart to her children a historically accurate understanding of America’s Christian heritage, all the way up to someone who feels like they’ve been called to run for office. It’s also for businessmen who want to know how to more effectively interact with government and, of course, pastors who want to know the truth in this area. 

Students who enroll in the Practical Government School will establish a biblical foundation for godly government in their lives as well as receive a solid understanding of America’s Christian heritage. These two vital building blocks will help ensure they succeed in whatever God is calling them to do. “A big part of why we feel we’ve been losing the battle in the public arena is because our leaders are intimidated. They are unknowledgeable. They are not equipped to articulate the Christian basis for what we believe,” Richard says. “They try to argue issues of concern on the enemy’s turf, with the enemy’s assumptions, and the enemy’s words. As a result of that, they are unpersuasive.”

Richard puts forth that perhaps one of the greatest needs is for those who are church leaders to be equipped: “There’s an assumption, or belief, that the church is wrong to go out into the public square and talk about matters of concern. But we’re never going to win the world with that mindset, and that’s not the example that Christ gave us.”

Jesus said, Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations. Matthew 28:19, New King James Version 

Continuing that line of thought, Richard shares, “The five-fold ministry was given in order to equip the church to do the work of the ministry. In order for that to happen in the public sector, the pastors need to be equipped.” Richard continues, “At Charis, we’re equipping people to go into every area of society. That’s what the third-year experience is all about.”

David Barton, founder of the Wallbuilders organization, worked with Practical Government School Director Mark Cowart and Richard to develop the curriculum to create an experience unlike any other: “The level of education our students are getting is just priceless. We’ve had great instructors, ranging from David Barton and his son Tim, who are phenomenal, to local city council members, and an expert on communication, Bruce Smith, with Alliance Defending Freedom. We also had a former Muslim terrorist Kamal Saleem come in and speak. Some of our students even met President Trump. Throughout the school year, we will take several field trips, including one to Washington D.C. On a number of occasions, the students will get to work with organizations that are active for conservative Christian causes. It’s going to be fantastic. I don’t believe there’s anything else in the country like what we’re doing. The Lord has given us such an amazing program for how to do this that over time, it’s just going to make a major impact.”

You can start your Charis experience today. We will help you reach those within the four walls of the church and those without. Why not do it through the Practical Government School? Enroll or learn more today. You’ll be glad you did!

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