You’re Not a Sinner Saved by Grace!

03/15/17 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

You Are Not a Sinner Saved by Grace



We still sin. We still make mistakes. We still fall short, but you are not a sinner saved by grace!Duane Sheriff

Years ago, I pastored a Methodist Church. It was a very little town, and that first church I pastored was very small. Everybody knew everybody. That's why you didn't gossip in that town!

I went into the post office one day, and a lady saw me, and she got all excited. 

She said, "Pastor Duane. Oh, I just wish I could come over and hug you, but I need to stay away because I'm sick, and you might get sick." 

I said, "Darling, come here give me a big ole hug because I've got healing all over me, and you might get healed!" I wasn't being curt or religious. I just believed that healing was greater than sickness.

You were born a sinner in Adam, but you're not in Adam anymore. You were born again! You had a sin nature in Adam, but you're not in Adam any more. You are in Christ, and you are a saint saved by grace!

You may sin, but that doesn't make you a sinner. You have a new nature in Jesus that is righteous and truly holy, but if you're not renewed to who you are in Christ by the Spirit, you will think the condition you used to have in Adam is still stronger than your new condition in Christ.

And you won't trust God to be dominated by life but rather, by default, be dominated still by death from which you've already been delivered.

Sickness came from being in Adam, and healing comes from being in Christ. What you now have is exponentially more than what you had in Adam. 

Think about it. Under the old covenant, you couldn't touch the dead. You couldn't get anywhere near evil. But under the new covenant, you're commanded to lay hands on the sick, and raise the dead. 

When you lay hands on the sick, you don’t have to be careful that you might get sick.

No, they better get ready. They're going to get healed!


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