You Are a Walking Bag of Seed!

10/04/17 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Based on a Charis Minute with Barry Bennett

Is your heart full of fear and worry, or is it full of the Word of God? Is the joy of the Lord your strength, or are you your own strength? 

John 14 says that we have the Holy Spirit in us. It then says that we have the Father and the Son in us. It's crowded in there! We are not lacking anything. And everything you need for your future and for whatever God has put into your heart, you have right now. 

You have it out of the treasure of your heart. That's the key. 

A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; …. for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh. –Luke 6:45

When your heart is full of the Word of God, which the Bible tells us is seed—not just any seed, but incorruptible seed—you have all that you need to bring forth a harvest of good in your life and the lives of others.  

Knowing that, we should be walking in continual joy. We should be walking in peace that passes understanding. We should be walking with our spiritual eyes open and realizing, “Hey! I am a walking bag of seed!” And out of the abundance of that seed in your heart, your mouth speaks.

“Everywhere I go, I am sowing blessings and blessing people. I am also blessing me, and I’m not speaking curses over my life anymore, bless God. I am not looking at five loaves and two fishes as lack. I am looking at it as seed. 

“I am going to give, and I’m going to bless, and I am going to speak. I am going to believe in my heart everything that God has said, and out of my heart comes my future. I am changing my future. I can get there from here. I will do it. Praise God, because the seed in me is exactly like the source.”

You really are a walking bag of seed!