We the People...Stand Up for Truth! (A New Charis Third Year Program)

07/13/16 at 06:00 AM | Published Under On Campus



In October of 2012, Mark Cowart stood on a church platform and spoke out boldly about the upcoming election and the moral values of the candidates.

Garnering a buzz of media attention, the event soon became the main focus of the local news. Touted as the top headline, Mark Cowart’s speech roused the news story titled, “Local Church Breaks Law--Preaches Politics.” Mark Cowart

Mr. Cowart responded to the story the next morning. He shares, “I got up the next Sunday and said, ‘First of all, I did not break the law, and secondly, I did not preach politics. I touched an arena of politics because of the moral issues I addressed.’”  

Encouraging the church not to be intimidated into silence, Mark is passionate about seeing people get back into the Word of God and let their voices be heard. As the Director of Charis’ Practical School of Government, Mark Cowart shares, “We are going to raise up an army of people that know the foundations of this nation in all various areas of politics, from elected office to the general voter.”

Come to Charis and learn how to be bold in your faith, and stand strong for a moral America. Get the tools you need to truly make a difference in our great nation...enroll in our Third Year Practical School of Government!



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