Destinies Discovered at Campus Days 2016

04/13/16 at 05:15 PM | Published Under Events

Destinies Discovered at Campus Days 2016



Charis Bible College held their annual Campus Days this month. Lives were changed, hopes were revived, and destinies were discovered as hundreds joined together at The Sanctuary.

Potential students got the opportunity to experience the “student life” while they sat in on a variety of classes. Each day began with uplifting worship by the Charis Worship Team and was followed by anointed teachings by Andrew Wommack and the Charis Bible College faculty. 

Here are some of the comments of potential students about the “God moments” that led them to Charis:

“I asked God what He wanted me to do next, and I heard ‘Charis’...I had never even heard of it before!”

“About a month ago, I knew I was supposed to move out to Colorado. I just didn’t know why.”

“I just want to be under the Word. I want to be in this environment!”

See more of their stories here! You will be ENCOURAGED! 


Andrew makes no apologies about promoting Charis Bible College. As he puts it, “It’s the best thing I know!” And this truth could be seen on the faces of the potential and current students, as they lifted their hands and voices in worship to Jesus. 

During Campus Days, people were open to hearing the voice of God about the future plans He has for them:

Like this precious family of 3. They said they rarely agree on anything, but they were in unity about coming to Charis... so it had to be God! 


Students under 30 were invited to enjoy a night around the campfire at Charis After Dark. Under the beautiful Colorado night sky, potential and current students gathered to share stories, laughter, and enjoy new friendships. 

One student remarked, “I‘ve liked every single person I have met.” Campus Days is truly a chance for them to get a taste of the life-changing atmosphere at Charis and get a glimpse of their God-given destinies! 

A young woman at Charis After Dark said that 3 weeks ago, she came to Colorado and didn’t know why. While attending Campus Days, she declared, “I know I want to come here.”

Watch the joy that ensues as students experience Charis After Dark, and a mother and daughter come together to see their dreams fulfilled. 


 A sweet couple recounted the journey they had been on since deciding to attend Campus Days, “We didn’t even know how to get here for Campus Days, but it was laid in our lap... airfare, hotel, rental car, the whole thing. We were just blessed by being here!”

Watch a couple find their way. A nurse who wants to heal and “honeymooners” share their journeys and the faithfulness of God. 


Andrew says, “We see people come in one way, and when they leave, they are different! They are fired up!”  If you want to experience all that God has for you—if you want to get “fired up”, check out Charis Bible College! 


Charis Bible CollegeClasses start September 6, 2016, in Woodland Park, Colorado.
Allow God to reveal your destiny to you through Charis Bible College! 
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