Exchanging My Wig for My Healing

02/17/16 at 06:08 AM | Published Under Healing
 Exchanging My Hair for My Healing

 This blog was written by Charis student, Allyson Rola from Charis Bible College Charlotte. 


At nine-years old, I suddenly found myself in our family’s upstairs bathroom, shaving my head.

I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis, a rare disease that leaves you completely bald. As my hairAlly at age 9 began to fall out rapidly, I had to shave what remained to be fitted for a wig.

I put that wig on and hardly ever took it off; it held me captive. I had no idea how the Lord would heal me, but I would dream of waking up in the morning, completely healed, with a full head of hair and as the girl in Matthew 9, who simply touched the edge of Jesus’ garment and was instantly healed.

Eleven years later, I told my best friend, “If God hasn’t healed me by now, then He’s not even real!” Obviously, I didn’t mean that, but something had to change. Either Jesus is who He says He is or He’s not. I surrendered everything to Christ and took the wig off. The world saw me bald. This was huge experience that is difficult to put into words—I was free.

Ally without her wigLooking for answers, I was introduced to Andrew Wommack’s ministry.

I listened to hours of his sermons. It was as if I could see for the first time!
Rather than begging God to heal me, I simply thanked Him for what He already accomplished for me on the cross.

Still bald, I began to thank Him for my hair.

I took Psalms 103:1-3, “He heals all of my diseases,” as my own. I commanded my mountain to move and my hair to grow!

Ally healed

After almost 15 years of struggling with this disease, I was completely healed with a full head of hair.

I quit my job and moved to attend Charis Bible College Charlotte. My grandfather and I are now going to Charis together!

It was such a simple but life-changing message; we don’t need to get God to heal us, we just need to receive what He’s already done.


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