Your Guide to Surviving and Enjoying the Christmas Season

12/14/16 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Student Life


As the wonderful season of the birth of Jesus approaches us, we are faced with both challenges and opportunities.

Because the love of Christ and the fruit of the Spirit live in us, we can turn every challenge into an opportunity! Here are some tips to help you not only survive the season, but transform every challenge you face into an opportunity to celebrate with joy—and some resources to help you with your shopping and your attitude! 


Challenge 1: Facing that “wretched relative”!

Okay, so they’re not really wretched. It just feels like it!


Opportunity: There will be “opportunities” for us to walk in love with those that rub us the wrong way. Times in prayer will bring out the love of God that resides in you already. Let the Holy Spirit show you how much God loves them, just as He loves you.

Resources: Hope in God by Paul Milligan will show you how faith, hope and love work together to bring about godly desires for your life. Put your hope in God, and you will get through ever trial and tribulation—even the relatives!

Challenge 2: The Waning Wallet!

We all love to be a blessing to others, but that doesn’t mean we have to buy something for everyone. Maybe you’re not in a place to do that—YET!

UncommonFavorOpportunity: While you may not yet be financially rich, remember that your love, your time and your ability to share that the season is truly about Jesus are your most valuable riches. And you already have those things!

Resources: Doing What’s in Your Hand, a teaching by Paul Milligan, Uncommon Favor, by Lawson Perdue and Money Mastery by Billy Epperhart will help you catch a vision for your future that’s so bright you’ll be praying you get sunglasses for Christmas! 

Challenge 3: The Hustle, the bustle and “the irate shopper".

Whew! This one can be a huge one.

Opportunity: This can be turned into huge opportunities as well. For you, it can be an opportunityHIHCD to operate in ALL the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, AND self-control! And it can be an opportunity for you to demonstrate the love that God has for them. I say demonstrate because you don’t have to “preach” to them (though there might be an opportunity later ☺). They will wonder how you maintain your cool while they are stressed to the max, and an opportunity to tell them the Good News might just arise.

Resources: Keep some awesome worship music going in your car in between stores and stops. We Come Alive, Healing Is Here and The Best Is Yet to Come by Charis Worship are highly recommended! 

And remember, if it’s just so stressful out there that you think you’ll be handing out copies of Self-Centeredness: the Root of All Grief, you can just relax, stay home, kick your feet up and do all of your shopping at the Charis Online Store

Merry Christmas everyone!