Healing in India

02/04/15 at 01:00 AM | Published Under Student Life


Healing happened in IndiaExactly two years ago, my mother-in-law underwent an operation for breast cancer.

After her operation, her kidneys failed and the creatinine levels in her body skyrocketed. She was immediately put on Dialysis.

Things looked bleak for our Roman Catholic family, but I had begun listening to Andrew Wommack’s teachings during my work commute and refused to give up hope. 

After a few months of downloading your free material on The Believer’s Authority, and God Wants You Well, I heard about Charis Bible College’s Correspondence program. I became a student right away!

The teaching was so empowering! I learned that because of Christ’s work, I had the authority to rebuke sickness. I began praying over my mother-in-law.

A few months later, she went in for her last Dialysis treatment. 

I was so encouraged; I downloaded even more teaching. Soon her oncologist ordered another bone and DEXA scan and was shocked when they came back normal.

Jesus healed her of stage IIB cancer without radiation or chemo!

I told the oncologist that the blood of Jesus healed her and asked if he would give us permission to pray in his hospital. He said he was ready for anything that might benefit his patients. What a miracle!

I am now working on my second set of CDs in the Correspondence program. Life with Jesus is so exciting! 

I am becoming victorious in so many areas of my life thanks to Andrew Wommack's teachings and Charis Bible College Correspondence program

-Melanie, Charis Correspondence student in India


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