Time for a change

01/07/15 at 01:00 AM | Published Under Student Life

Charis time for a changeMisoa Andris, a student at Charis Bible College, traded in her three-month trial for a three-year stay.

“I came to Charis with the idea that if I didn’t like it after three months, I would leave,” she says. Instead, this second-year student found herself hearing from God.

Misoa at CharisAfter arriving for her first year, Misoa’s found that her heart and life were being changed, one class at a time.

At one point, during first-year, Misoa recalls God saying to her, “You are staying here.” After years of cramming her calling into the category of “worshiper,” now she’s beginning to feel the internal stirrings of God stretching her.

“My classes are making me look into my heart and allow God to come in and take everything else out.”

Her days are full, making plans to travel to Germany for her required missions trip, but Misoa feels that it is time for change.

“God’s been placing it in my heart to prepare messages and lead Bible studies as an evangelist.” After graduating in May, she plans to return to Charis and complete her third year on the Worship School track.

Misoa leading the choir