Uniquely Charis

10/29/14 at 01:14 AM | Published Under Student Life


Uniquely Charis Bible College

Everyone knows that something special happens at Charis.

When hundreds of students and their instructors spend hours every day devoting themselves to studying God’s Word, how can it not? We spoke with several Charis’ students and alum to find out just what makes this place uniquely Charis. Here’s what they said: 

  • Family. Somehow, God knits us together as family.~ C. SuessZach at Charis
  • Charis students live on the Word and CoffeeOver half the student body drinks 4-5 coffees before Noon.~ Z. Carver (standing on balcony)
  • Lanyards. Enough said.~J. Peterson
  • You graduate with a wife and a certificate.~ S.Entwistles
  • What used to be “Christianese” starts making sense, and you find yourself using words like “inerrant.”~ D. Fetherolf
  • Amazing things happen to you every day. Things you use to equate with miracles.~ J. Dominy
  • The class bell really signals a rush on the bathrooms.~ L. Entwistles

Erica is a Charis Student

  • You hear “bless you” without someone sneezing.~ E. Ligocki (near coffee bar)
  • Altitude adjustment is just as important as attitude adjustment.~ M. Entwistles
  • Overly-serious volunteer security.~ D. Ballard

Everything is awesome for Bill!

  • "Everything is awesome." - B. Webber (Behind camera)

  • You get a new name.~ G. Darlin

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