The Danger of Offense

10/15/14 at 01:00 AM | Published Under Worldchangers


Don't be robbed of your destiny!

“She said what?” … “He didn’t!” … “Seriously?!”

How many times have we said those words after a perceived—or very real—wrong has occurred against us or those we love?

Immediately, we find ourselves faced with questions of “why?” and “what now?” What do we do when hurtful situations occur? According to Charis alum and pastor, Andy Johnson, one thing we must not do is become offended. (Matthew 5:11, John 16:1)

“Never embrace offense,” he says. “Offense is a killer. It destroys your life and ministry, robbing you of inheriting your God-given destiny.”

After serving in full-time children’s ministry for several years, Andy and his wife, Sharris, were hurt.

Though seemingly insignificant now, at the time the hurt was so devastating, the Johnson’s withdrew from their church and buried their calling for nearly 8 years, telling their growing boys, “Don’t ever go to that church; it’s full of people who will hurt you.” 

Through the course of time, and a young woman Andy worked with, God began to deal with Andy’s heart.

“My co-worker began to encourage me in the Word. She would say things like ‘God loves you Andy. He sees what you’re going through. He still has a plan for you.’”

Then one night he awoke suddenly, knowing the Holy Spirit had spoken to him. “God said, ‘You’re days of pouting are over.’ So the next Sunday we began the process of plugging back into the local body.”

Andy and Sharris Johnson

In 2009, Andy and Sharris attended Campus Days with their son, Zach. Zach didn’t choose to attend Charis that day, but Andy did. “During my years at Charis I rediscovered God’s calling on my life.” After graduating and completing the Third Year Ministry track, Andy and Sharris’ church plant, Charis Family Church, took off. 

“It’s amazing how the devil can take something so small and destroy your life, even getting you to abandon your calling,” Andy recalls.

“Walking with purpose is where the joy of life is found. Sharris and I are having the time of our lives obeying God and walking in relationship with Him!” 


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