Charis Bible College of Colorado is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant foreign students.  The school is dedicated to preparing students for ministry work or the helps ministry.  The school offers a two-year diploma program for international students in Biblical Studies and Practical Ministry, and a third year internship program. Our desire is to provide quality biblical and spiritual instruction to Christian students who desire to:

  • Enhance their spiritual growth and Christian walk
  • Acquire biblical knowledge and training
  • Develop necessary skills to prepare for further ministry or a ministerial calling
  • Learn to walk and live a spirit-filled victorious life
  • Equip the Body of Christ in the truth of the gospel and in turn will teach others


Download International Student FAQS and Fact Sheet

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Tuition and Fees

Current prices are listed in Tuition & Fees. There are many qualifications that you will have to meet to be approved for an M-1 Student Visa—one of which is proving that you are financially able to pay all fees and tuition, as well as support yourself and any dependents without working while you are here in the United States. The amount required at this point for living expenses, tuition and fees for one academic year is $20,000.00 US. This figure is without any dependents and will fluctuate accordingly.

Due to currency exchange issues, we are only able to accept the registration fee via credit card from foreign countries. The fee is $100.00 US. IMPORTANT: Please note that this fee is non- refundable and is no guarantee of admission to our school. There is a Financial Payment Form included in the application to provide your credit card information. If this information is not completed your application will not be processed. 

Guidelines for Initial Enrollment

International students outside the U.S. desiring to attend CBC and receive an I-20M, Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (M-1) Student Status - For Vocational Students, must meet the following criteria to be accepted:

  • Be proficient in English
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Make or have made a written request to attend CBC
  • Be willing to abide by the Student and International Student Guidelines
  • Agree to attend CBC full-time
  • Agree to not accept any type of employment while in the U.S.
  • Agree to return to his/her home country immediately following completion of studies at CBC.
  •  Have proof of financial ability to pay all fees and tuition, as well as support themselves and any dependents without working while in the United States. The amount required presently for living expenses, tuition and fees for one academic year for an individual student is $20,000 USD. An additional $6000.00 USD should be added to this figure for a spouse not attending Charis and an additional $5000.00 USD for each dependent to accompany the student to the United States. The amount required presently for living expenses, tuition and fees for one academic year for a couple both attending Charis Bible College is $30,640. USD. These amounts are for a very basic lifestyle. (It does not include the purchase, maintenance, or fuel for an automobile; childcare or extra-curricular activities for children; purchasing health insurance, cable TV, or other luxuries. It also does not include the cost of home furnishings.) these required amounts will require sacrifice, discipline, and possible joint housing arrangements with other students and/or families to make it through the year on this amount of money. 
  • The Financial Assurance Form must be completed by the student or person sponsoring the student.  A copy of their bank statement must be attached.
  • Tuition and fees -  current prices are listed here on the website.
  • Turn in the following items to the school office:
    • Application for admission (to include a current picture, completed essays, friend recommendation and translated transcript of highest level of education achieved from school of origin)
    • $100.00 non-refundable registration fee
    • Signed International Student Guidelines
    • International Student Questionnaire
    • Financial Assurance Form with bank statement
    • Written notification of how student intends to pay the first year tuition and fees
    • Photocopy of the student’s passport identification page or some other official identity document clearly showing the student’s first and last names

Note: The registration fee must be paid before any paperwork will be processed. Tuition for the first year as well as all fees and book costs must be paid before the school start date (view our academic calendar for start date). 

Once the above criterions have been met, CBC will process and submit an I-20M (for initial enrollment) on-line with Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). If accepted, a copy will be issued, signed by the appropriate school official and mailed to the prospective student along with a formal acceptance letter from the school and a receipt for any monies paid.


If Accepted

When the actual I-20 is received by the student in the mail, the student must go online to: and pay a $200 fee for the I-20 and print a receipt as proof of payment. He/she must then schedule an appointment at the nearest U.S. Consul or Embassy. This may also be done online. This appointment must be for an M-1 visa NOT an F-1 visa. (Note: We are not certified to accept and will not accept students on F-1 visas at this time.) For the Embassy appointment, the prospective student should take the acceptance letter, any financial receipts especially the I-20 fee receipt and the Form I-20M [Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant (M-1) Student]. Please be aware that some embassies may require evidence of a tuition prepayment. Once approved, the student must either scan and email or send a copy of the visa to CBC to verify that the correct visa type has been obtained. It is mandatory that this be done before leaving the student’s country of residence. Note: Students may not change classification from an M-1 student to that of an F-1 student at a later date. 

Admittance to the United States

A student is allowed to enter the United States on an M-1 up to thirty days prior to the official start date for school as indicated on the I-20. Prospective students are not eligible for admission to the U.S. unless the student presents the following items at the time of entry to the U.S.

  • Form I-20M properly and completely filled out by the student and by a designated school official of Charis Woodland Park, Colorado.
  • Documentary evidence of the student’s financial ability as required by that form.

  • And that it is established that the student is destined to and intends to attend Charis Bible College of Woodland Park, CO.

Upon admittance to the U.S., the inspecting officer will verify and electronically clear the student’s paperwork, stamp the Form I-20M and should designate class as M-1 in writing. The officer will also issue an I-94 card [Department of Homeland Security Departure Record] that is usually an electronic form that must be retrieved for admittance to school by going to and get a copy of it. This can be printed or emailed to The student must have the Form I-20 ID with him/her at all times. If the form is lost, a new I-20 ID must be requested on Form I-102 from the BICS office having jurisdiction over the school. 


Upon Arrival to School

Once the student has arrived for registration, the student must register at CBC and make a full year’s tuition and fees payment. The following items must be turned in to the Designated School Official within one week of registration:

  • Copy of stamped I-20 document
  • Copy of I-94 issued at port of entry (print from internet) 
  • Any other outstanding or pertinent paperwork
  • Student’s U.S. address and phone number (if not previously known)

Once these documents are received, the Designated School Official will register the student on-line with SEVIS to confirm their status as an active student. At the time of registration, the student will also be provided a welcome packet to instruct the student in their next steps and to help the student become oriented. An International Student Orientation Meeting will also be scheduled in order to further assist in this process and to enable the student to meet other international students. 


CBC Reporting Requirements

The student is responsible to know and to follow the Student Handbook as well as the International Student Guidelines while attending school. Please be informed that CBC is required to re-register all foreign students each term to confirm their active status and to report the following to SEVIS:

  • Any disciplinary action taken against a student as a result of the student being convicted of a crime.

  • Failures to enroll, maintain status, or complete the program.

  • Date of termination of enrollment and the reason for termination.

  • Graduation prior to the program end-date on the I-20 Form.

  • Any special events that would substantially affect the student’s attendance or enrollment such as a major illness, accident, etc. The student should immediately contact the school office regarding anything that would interrupt their attendance so that a determination may be made if the student will need to file for an extension of stay and/or if the courses will be able to be completed.

  • Change of address (The student must immediately inform CBC of any address change.) 


Causes for Expulsion

The student will be considered to not be maintaining status and enrollment will be interrupted for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to attend classes.
  • Excessive absences or tardiness.
  • Acceptance of employment.
  • Failure to comply with the Student and/or International Student Guidelines.
  • Failure to pay tuition and fees.
  • Any criminal activity.
  • Student falling out of status for any reason.


Requirements to Attend Second Year or Third Year

Sixty days before the expiration of the student’s I-20, the Designated School Official will give the student a Letter of Intent to complete regarding the student’s plan for the next school year.

The student must choose one of the following three options:

   1)  Not returning for second or third year

   2)  Returning for second or third year must leave the U.S. during summer break

Upon satisfactory progress in the first year, CBC will process and resubmit the new Form I-20M on- line with SEVIS on behalf of the student. The following requirements must be met for the student to make the transition to the second year or third year:

  • Tuition and fees must be paid.

  • Completed all assignments from first or second year.

  • Have been compliant with Student and International Student Guidelines.

  • Not have accepted employment during first or second year.

  • Completed and submitted Letter of intent to Designated School Official.

  • Submitted verification of finances for living expenses for following year.

Depending of the student’s plans, the following course of action must be taken by the student: Returning for second or third year must leave the U.S. during summer break -

  • A new I-20M-N must be updated and reissued prior to departure.

  • Student must depart country within thirty days of previous I-20 expiration date.

  • Student must pay additional SEVIS fee prior to reentry into the Unites States online at the following website: where student will enter the new SEVIS ID and pay the I-901 fee of $200.00 due to obtaining new I-20 for the new school year.

  • Student must renew M-1 visa while in country. 


Completion of Program

When a student completes their course of study or elects not to return for second or third year, the student must return to their home country within thirty days of the I-20 expiration date. Prior to doing so, all outstanding balances should be paid at Charis Bible College. 


Questions or Concerns Regarding International Student Guidelines

Should a student have any questions or concerns regarding these International Student Guidelines or if an issue arises, the student will contact the Designated School Official at Charis Bible College as soon as possible.