The Blessings of Obeying God - Adam's Story

02/15/17 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Student Life




Why leave a full-ride scholarship to MIT to come to Charis? The voice of the Lord.Adam

Adam Tatusko had a promising career with Proctor & Gamble and owned a very profitable Internet business. But In 2005, God led him to sell his company and enlist in the military. 

Adam knew that obeying God’s voice was always best. 

Just a few short months later, while in Iraq fighting for our country, Adam was knocked off a vehicle and suffered extensive head and back injuries. 

Returning stateside, he was accepted to MIT with a full-ride scholarship! But the pain of Adam’s injuries were so intense he could barely focus in class and sometimes couldn’t even make it to class.

Then Adam’s parents invited him to a Gospel Truth Seminar near Boston. That night, he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and much more. As hands were laid on him, the Great Physician healed him instantly!

Two years into his graduate program at MIT, Adam heard God clearly say to leave MIT and apply to Charis in Colorado! Adam knew in his heart that was where he needed to be, and he obeyed the Lord.

Once again, God made a way. Adam was able to use the VA Post-9/11 GI Bill for his tuition, housing, and books— everything he needed to pursue God. 

And the experience was incredible!

AdamWhile in the 3rd Year Business School, the staff noticed Adam’s gifts and skills in the IT industry. Shortly after graduation, he was hired as AWM’s Digital Technologies Manager. Adam is now using his gifts and callings to further the Kingdom of God.

The blessings of following God’s voice are immeasurable. 

If you sense the call to come to Charis, don’t let anything stand in the way—not even a full-ride scholarship to MIT!