Andrew Wommack

Andrew Wommack

President & Founder

Since founding Andrew Wommack Ministries, Inc. in 1978, Andrew has continued to present great truths from God's Word with simplicity and clarity, through the revelation knowledge and anointing given to him by the Lord. Wherever he travels, his powerful emphasis on the Word continues to set people free from sin and self-righteousness, often with signs and wonders following. Andrew has pastored three churches, and he continues to fulfill God's calling on his life by teaching the body of Christ the Good News of our New Testament relationship in Jesus Christ.

Gary Luecke

Gary Luecke

Director of Charis Bible College

Gary is the Director of Charis Bible College and has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Lamar University and is a graduate of Charis Bible College. Gary was employed by a large automobile finance company until he was called to attend CBC. His desire is to see people pursue God with all their hearts and discover God’s destiny for their lives (Romans 12:1, 2). Gary and his wife, Diane, have five awesome children.

Greg Mohr

Greg Mohr

Dean of Education

Greg Mohr, is the Dean of Education at Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He also is a conference speaker and author and served as Senior Pastor of the River Church in Decatur, Texas for 24 years. He is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and has earned a Master’s degree in Leadership from Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma. Greg is married to his best friend, Janice. Together they have four children and ten grandchildren.

Wendell Parr

Wendell Parr

Director of AWM World Outreach/Instructor

Wendell has been in ministry for over three decades. He founded a charismatic church in Texas where he served as Senior Pastor for 18 years. In 1994, he moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado to help start Charis Bible College (CBC). He taught there for three years and then moved to England where he successfully planted the first CBC extension school. He then directed Bob Nichols’ Bible school in Fort Worth, Texas, before returning to Colorado where he now serves as the Director of AWM World Outreach. Wendell and his wife, Linda, have two children, Wendy and Dean, and one granddaughter, Ashtin.

Larry Bozeman


Operations Manager


Barry Bennett

Barry Bennett

Dean of Students

Barry has been serving the Lord since 1972 and is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute. He and his wife, Betty Kay, were missionaries in Mexico, Guatemala, and Chile before returning to Texas in 2001. While attending a large Spanish-speaking congregation in Carrollton, Texas, Barry became the director and principal teacher of Instituto Avance, a Bible institute for Spanish speakers. In 2007, he came to AWM and worked in the Encouragement Department. He is now the Dean of Students at CBC, and also teaches in CBC’s first and second years of study.

Daniel Amstutz

Daniel Amstutz

Director of Worship & Healing Schools

Daniel Amstutz has been described by many as “a father” of the modern worship movement, helping to pioneer the worship team model that we see so frequently today, which was based on principles from the Tabernacle of David, applied in a new covenant setting. Daniel mentored many who continue to have tremendous impact on the Body of Christ and modern culture as well.  Daniel is a published songwriter and recording artist and has served as a pastor and teacher for over thirty years.  Daniel is an ordained minister and holds Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Theology degrees. Daniel has directed the Charis Bible CollegeWorship Ministries, the School of Worship and the School of Healing since January of 2011.  Daniel and Tracy have been married for thirty-six years and have two grown children and three grandchildren.

Stephen Bransford

Stephen Bransford

Director of The Media School

Stephen serves as Media Operations Manager for Andrew Wommack Ministries as well as the Director of the School of Media at Charis Bible College. He attended Bethany Bible College and graduated from Arizona State University with a B.A. in English. For more than thirty years, he has served as a professional communicator with Jim Bakker, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, James Robison, Robert Tilton, the Assemblies of God, the Boy Scouts of America, and others. He is an award-winning Christian author, with novels published by Doubleday, Crossway, and Thomas Nelson. In 1999, God led him to launch Andrew Wommack on national television through the Gospel Truth broadcast. “My years with Andrew have been the most rewarding of my career,” he says, “and it is a huge bonus to see the students of Charis Bible College benefit from my experience.”

Paul Milligan

Paul Milligan

Director of The Business School

Paul Milligan joined the Andrew Wommack Ministries Board of Directors as an independent voting member in 2003. With over thirty years of experience in the corporate world and twenty-three years building his own company, Paul has accumulated a wealth of wisdom in business and finance. He has founded twelve corporations along with his ministry, LifeWalk International. In January 2004, he began a worldwide teaching ministry to the body of Christ, primarily in the areas of business and personal financial stewardship. Paul has taught in churches, Bible colleges, and organizations all over the United States and in many foreign countries. Paul and his wife, Patsy, live in Decatur, Texas, and have three children and nine grandchildren.

Greg Macy

Greg Macy

Director of Distance Education

After obtaining his engineering degree from University of Illinois, Greg developed new products and manufacturing systems in the consumer and medical product industries for over 20 years.  During this time he and his wife came to the Lord and in 2005 they responded to God’s call to attend CBC. Greg graduated from CBC in 2008 and completed the intern program a year later. He is excited to do all he can to spread the great news of God’s love and grace so others can be set free and empowered through their relationship with God. His wife, Citlalli, is a 2007 CBC graduate and serves as the Spanish Translator for Andrew Wommack Ministries materials. They are blessed with 3 fantastic children Shaina, Dante, and Uzziel who is also a CBC graduate (2010).

Beth Landt

Beth Landt

Dean of Women

Beth is a 2008 Charis Bible College graduate and serves as the CBC Dean of Women. She also has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Colorado, where after graduating, was hired to administer and coordinate several longitudinal research projects for a period of fourteen years. Beth is happily married to Jay, and they have a miraculous little girl. Beth is passionate about seeing people set free to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth and to love others as He has given her revelation of His unfailing love.

Vickey Rice

Vickey Rice


Vickey serves as the Registrar for Charis Bible College. In 2003, the Lord directed her and her husband, Xavier, to Andrew Wommack’s ministry, which resulted in them leaving Dallas, Texas, and attending CBC in Colorado Springs. They graduated from the college in May 2006. While attending CBC, Vickey had the opportunity to travel to Russia on a mission trip, where she ministered the unconditional love and grace of God and was impressed upon by the Lord that this would be a part of her ministry within the United States. Vickey strongly encourages anyone whom the Lord is prompting to attend CBC, to trust Him. He will not fail you. Hebrews 13:5 (Amp).

Mark Jones

Mark Jones

Director of Night School

Mark is the Director of Night School. He graduated from CBC in 2008 and has completed 2 additional years in the Ministry Training program. Mark has served as Assistant Coordinator for Night School and as a Prayer Minister in the AWM Phone Center. His heart is to serve and his greatest desire is to share God’s love and bring all of God’s people together. Mark is blessed with 2 children and 2 grandchildren that live in Colorado Springs.




Chris Suess

Chris Suess

Third Year Coordinator

Over the past 30+ years, Chris has been in the business world. From being a Store Director of a major grocery chain, to leading and directing a quick oil change center company, to owning and growing a successful insurance agency. Being led to sell his agency while attending CBC, he was asked to join the staff at the end of his Third Year, as the Business School Coordinator and assist the Business School Director, Paul Milligan.
Chris graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Business and attained his Masters degree from Charis Bible College. He and his wife Cindy have two grown sons who have awesome wives and three wonderful grandchildren, which all reside in Colorado Springs.

Cindy Suess

Cindy Suess

Personal Assistant to Gary Luecke

Cindy serves as the Director’s assistant.  She was born and raised in Texas but is so glad to be in Colorado now.  She is awed and astounded when remembering how God was leading her even when she wasn’t following.  He was protecting her and blessing her even when she was giving Him none of the credit, like when God brought her together with her wonderful husband back in 1978.  Cindy and her husband have two mighty sons and right now have 3 exhausting but beautiful grandchildren and are in hopes of getting another one real soon.  Having completed three years, including 3rd Business School, the Holy Spirit is still bringing many things to her remembrance that she learned.  Cindy feels honored to work for the ministry in any capacity.  She says she has received so much from God through Andrew and Charis Bible College, she could never, in an eternity, repay.

Ashley Bryant

Ashley Bryant

Records Coordinator

Ashley Bryant is a 2011 graduate of Charis Bible College and serves as the Records Coordinator. She had known of Jesus her whole life without ever knowing who He really is, or that her Savior wanted a personal relationship with her; it is that relationship that has set her free from a broken and empty life. Ashley has a heart to share the love and grace of Jesus Christ with those around the world, and to encourage others to continue to run the race!

Jennifer Machado

Jennifer Burich


Jennifer is the receptionist of Charis Bible College. She served for several years on the worship team at her local church in Mesa, Arizona. In 2009 she moved to Colorado Springs to attend Charis Bible College, and eventually the School of Worship. Jennifer graduated from CBC in 2011, and then served as intern to the director of the School of Worship the following year.  Jennifer plans on a long career at CBC, and is blessed to still be involved with the school. 




Dean Crooks

Dean Crooks

Transportation Coordinator

Dean worked for a gas company in Arizona for nearly 10 years prior to he and his wife, Linda moving to Colorado Springs in 2005 for Dean to attend Charis Bible College. He graduated in 2007 and completed an apprenticeship in 2008. Then, after over 3 years of preparation, which included the Correspondence Program, Dean, with help from his wife, served at Charis Bible College Uganda in Kampala, Uganda, Africa from January-November 2011. Now back in the States, Dean currently serves in the position of Transportation Coordinator for CBC Colorado.

Rob Francis

Rob Francis

Printing & Publications

In the spring of 2011 the Lord prompted Robert to be established in the Gospel of Grace.  Robert and his wife Jackie knew in their hearts that Charis Bible College was the place for this to happen and decided to make the move from Portland, OR to Colorado Springs with their two young children.   Robert and Jackie will graduate in the class of 2013 and then plan on attending the 3rd year internship program.

Tennie Goen

Tennie Goen

Student Services Coordinator

Tennie serves as the Assistant Coordinator of Night School. In November of 2009 she moved from Texas to Colorado Springs to attend CBC; a decision that continues to bring her much joy. Tennie also presently serves as the student intern for Registrar, Vickey Rice. She loves serving the night school students, interns and the staff at CBC. Tennie looks forward to continuing to serve CBC on a full-time basis.

Shane Hankins

Shane Hankins

Assistant Night School Coordinator

Shane serves as the Assistant Night School Coordinator.  In 2003 Shane heard the grace message from Andrew.  He graduated from Charis Bible College in 2010, and went on to study both Ministry and Business at Charis’ 3rd year program.  God has forever impressed on Shane’s heart His love for him.  “My love for you never fluctuates, only your ability to perceive My love fluctuates”.  This word from God has forever transformed his life.  He is passionate about teaching others about God’s love and His goodness, as well as representing Jesus to people through love and service.

Kimberly Harrison

Kimberly Harrison

Events Coordinator

Kimberly is a 2009 Graduate of CBC and a 2010 Graduate of the Apprenticeship Program. Prior to attending CBC she worked in Customer Service Management and later became a Stay-At-Home Mom. In 2007 Kimberly, her husband Mark, and their 3 terrific children moved from the Atlanta suburbs for her to attend CBC. Kim's passion is to encourage CBC students in their daily walk and help them grow in spiritual maturity through leading and serving others.  





Sharris Johnson

Sharris Johnson - Assistant Intern Coordinator

Sharris serves as the CBC Accounting Assistant, and graduated from Charis Bible College in 2011.  Sharris also completed the School of Business at CBC.  Sharris and her husband Andy have started a home church in Woodland Park, Co. Sharris has the desire to help others fulfill their vision by creating ministry teams and resources so they can have successful and fruitful ministries. Sharris and Andy have been married for 23 years and have 2 adult children currently in the Air Force.


Warren Lutz

Warren Lutz - Computer Administrator

Warren feels privileged to be able to help promote the message of God’s grace and love via his current position as Computer Administrator for CBC’s Online Program.  A native of Buffalo, New York, Warren graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering. He and his late wife, Anne, were blessed to have the opportunity to live in 13 different states. Warren has served as a worship leader and small group leader. He retired from the Federal Highway Administration after 38 years of employment with the federal government. Pursuing a lifelong desire to attend Bible college, Warren and his wife, Kathy, moved to the Springs in 2009 to attend CBC and graduated in 2011. Both he and Kathy enjoy helping others and are involved in a ministry, Mello Memories, taking miniature horses to visit nursing home residents.

Randy Montague

Randall Montague - A/V Technician

Randy is the Audio Visual (AV) technician for Charis Bible College.  Although he earned diplomas in church music, electronics and recording engineering with more than 25 years of experience in live sound, he found himself working in Biotech as a calibration technician to pay the bills and doing AV for churches on the side. He always felt that there was something more God had for him. Then his wife, Shan, gave him Andrew’s CDs to listen to and even though he had been “saved” for over 35 years, hearing the message of God’s grace transformed his life. Later, the Lord led the Montagues to move to Colorado Springs and partner with CBC. Randy’s desire is to see AV done with excellence so that it is a help and not a hindrance during worship or teaching. He also has a vision to train students in AV to prepare them for their own ministries.

Erin Moraine

Erin Moraine - Admissions Coordinator

Erin serves Charis Bible College in the areas of admissions, processing all student applications and certifications for both SEVP and VA Students. In 2009, God used Jeremiah 1:17 to say, "get yourself ready." She began school in the fall of 2009, graduated in 2011, and is currently attending the School of Ministry. She has two married children and six grandchildren also in Colorado Springs. Erin has a passion to see the Word of God planted into the hearts of His children so they can truly "know" Him and His great love for them. She loves to encourage students and pray with them as they walk out their journey at Charis.

Michelle Patterson

Michelle Patterson - Missions Coordinator

Michelle serves as Mission Coordinator at Charis Bible College. Originally from Alabama, she started in ministry at an early age and became a pastor's wife at the age of 20 when she married her husband, Don, in 1984. They have two wonderful sons, Blake and Chase, both by miracle births, and both are now serving the Lord. Michelle worked over 20 years in the tours and travel industry including owning her own travel agency. Michelle and her family were supernaturally led to Colorado in 2007. God opened the door for her to attend Charis Bible College and she is a 2010 graduate. Michelle has a heart to reach people around the world with the unconditional love and grace of God.


 Adjunct Faculty

Arthur Meintjes 

Arthur Meintjes - Kingdom Life Ministries

Arthur has traveled the world teaching the GOOD NEWS (Gospel of Peace) and FAITH-RIGHTEOUSNESS, a message of God's unconditional love and mercy to build, repair, and restore mankind. The emphasis of the message is to show people that God is kind, good, and loving. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation or wholeness, in every area of life. This good news does not point out what is wrong with you; it is about what is RIGHT with you because of the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ, in spite of what is wrong with you. Grace doesn't give permission to sin; it empowers one to live a godly life. Arthur and his wife, Cathy, established Kingdom Life Ministries in 1992. They reside in Colorado, U.S.A.

 Barbara Perdue

Barbara Perdue - Charis Christian Center

Barbara and her husband, Lawson, pastor Charis Christian Center in Colorado Springs, CO. They preach the good news of the God of grace, seeing Christian families built up in who they are in Christ and flourishing in all God has for their lives. Barbara is also the mother of three strong young men who are serving God in dynamic ways.

 Dan Funkhouser

Pastor Dan Funkhouser - Heartbeat Ministries International

In 1973 Dan and his wife, Penny, gave their lives to Jesus Christ. In 1978 Dan graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center. He earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Bible Theology from the International Bible Institute and Seminary. He also holds a conferred Doctor of Divinity Degree from the same seminary. Dan has pioneered and helped pioneer many churches, including three right here in the Colorado Springs area. Since 1983, he has taught national pastor and leadership conferences as well as Bible colleges in Haiti, Israel, Central America, South America, and Cuba. Dan and Penny are currently pastoring Heartbeat Ministries International in Colorado Springs.

 Dean Hawk

Pastor Dean Hawk - Rock Family Church

Dean’s creative and energetic style of ministry has been in high gear for the past thirty years. He is passionate about equipping believers and future ministers with the practical tools to serve in the local church. In 2004 he pioneered Rock Family Church here in Colorado Springs. Prior to his senior pastor role, Dean served as a youth pastor for nineteen years and then traveled the nation ministering to teenagers and families for several years after that. He also served as a Bible college instructor for five years at Rhema Bible Training Center in Oklahoma. Dean is also the author of 16 volumes of H2O Sermon Source, a creative sermon resource for pastors and youth pastors that is used around the world. Dean has been married to his wife, Kim, since 1983. They have three children, Alesha, Allyson, and Preston.

 Delron Shirley

Dr. Delron Shirley - Teach All Nations Mission

Delron is a graduate of North Carolina State University, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Indiana Christian University. He served for 25 years as Dean of World Harvest Bible College and Indiana Christian University. He is founder and president of Teach All Nations Mission, focused on training local leaders in Africa, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Delron and his wife, Peggy, have three sons.

 Lawson Perdue

Pastor Lawson Perdue - Charis Christian Center

In 1978, at one of Andrew Wommack's home Bible studies in Lamar, Colorado, Lawson Perdue was filled with the Holy Spirit and called to preach. Lawson moved to South Bend, Indiana in 1987 to attend Lester Sumrall's World Harvest Bible College. He received an Associate of Arts degree in 1988 and then moved to Kit Carson, Colorado to found Church of the Redeemed. In 1992 Lawson received his Bachelor's degree in Christian Ministry from World Harvest Bible College. In 2001 he founded Charis Christian Center of Colorado Springs, where he currently pastors. His ministry emphasizes abundant life through Jesus Christ. Lawson and his wife Barbara have three sons.


Marcus Gresham

Marcus Gresham

Marcus wants everyone to have what God has given to him — a true, New Testament relationship in Jesus Christ.  He enjoys living a Spirit-filled life and blessing others with the goodness of God in his life. Marcus holds a Bachelor of Music from The Ohio State University and a Master’s of Biblical Studies from Charis Bible College Colorado.  With 30 years of ministry experience, he enjoys serving people in a diverse and relational ministry style. He has served fulltime in churches as a Worship Pastor and an Associate Minister of Music.   Marcus loves the power of communication through musical excellence and is committed to discovering one’s greatest potential and being a catalyst toward their personal and professional goals.  He is presently an instructor for the School of Worship at Charis Bible College Colorado.  A published songwriter and recording artist, Marcus is also founder and owner of MSG! Message Music.  He currently travels in concert ministry, speaks at Worship Conferences, offers Training & Development, and is a new artist in the PraiseCharts™ catalogue.


Marcia Alverson

Marcia Alverson

Marcia Alverson is a seasoned worship leader and singer/songwriter living in Colorado Springs, CO. With a Bachelor's degree in Music Education and a Master's degree in Theology, she is a well-gifted instructor for Charis Bible College's School of Worship, teaching Music Theory and private instruction in piano and voice.   You'll see her all over town and beyond leading worship for prayer meetings, retreats, conferences, women's meetings, serving in her local church, and doing itinerant worship and teaching as the Lord leads. She considers it a distinct privilege to serve the Body of Christ at large and minister the Father's heart to His people.  She has been on several worship albums and is passionate about honoring God with integrity of heart and excellent skill, and mentoring others in that same fashion. It is a joy for her to live in the Rocky Mountains... God's country... with her wonderful husband and two children.  Her favorite quote right now:  "How well on earth I am known matters little to me. However, I want to be known in HEAVEN & feared in hell for my life and who He is in me." (Jenn Johnson) 

 Peggy Shirley

Peggy Shirley - Teach All Nations Mission

Peggy has an active and varied ministry. As an ordained minister, she serves as a chaplain at one of the county jails in Colorado Springs. She also teaches at Charis Bible College and New Life Church and travels to many foreign countries as a short-term missionary. One distinctive area of her calling has been to help women find, develop, and use their gifts from the Lord. Her “Women for the Harvest” classes and seminars around the country and abroad have helped women find release from emotional and spiritual bondages, and they have set countless women free to step out and serve the Lord in whatever capacity He has called them to.


 Special Speakers


Bob Yandian


Pastor Bob Yandian - Grace Church

Pastor Bob has been the pastor of Grace Church, a vibrant and growing congregation in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, since 1980. Bob is widely acknowledged as one of the most knowledgeable Bible teachers of this generation. He also served as the Dean of Students at RHEMA Bible Training Center for several years.

 Cecil Paxton

Cecil Paxton - Cecil & Lisa Paxton Ministries

Although Cecil and Lisa were released by the Lord into ministry in 1986, they chose to wait and be ordained in 1997 through their church at Faith Ministries Church International by their pastors, Dave and Bonnie Duell, in Denver, Colorado. Cecil received his Doctorate in Ministry from Christian Life School of Theology. They were associates with Andrew Wommack Ministries from 1993 to 2003 as Director and Supervisor of the Helpline and Encouragement Department. Cecil is frequently scheduled to teach at Charis Bible College, where he trains students in preparation for ministry. Cecil and Lisa have both been released into full-time ministry and travel around the world, teaching and training believers in the body of Christ with signs and wonders following. Cecil & Lisa Paxton Ministries is located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

 Duane Sheriff

Pastor Duane Sheriff - Victory Life Church

Duane Sheriff has been the senior pastor of Victory Life Church in Durant, Oklahoma since 1987. During that time, Victory Life has become a multi-site church with 8 locations, including the online “Virtual Church.”. Pastor Duane began with his free teaching tape ministry in 1984 and later transitioned into CDs. The majority of Pastor Duane’s teachings are available on his website for a free download. Currently, Pastor Duane is averaging over 352,000 free teaching messages a month. His desire is to make the Word of God available to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances, burns in his heart. Today, the fruit of this outreach has resulted in the distribution  of over 16 million free messages.As he ministers, Pastor Duane emphasizes believers cultivating a personal relationship with the Lord and the grace of God. He is gifted with an anointing and ability to communicate the simplicity of the Gospel.

 Greg Fritz

Greg Fritz - Greg Fritz Ministries

Greg Fritz has been on the Evangelistic field since 1989. Since that time, he has traveled over one million miles, teaching and preaching God's Word throughout the United States and abroad with signs following. His travels have included ministry in over twenty nations of the world, and Greg Fritz Ministries has produced and distributed thousands of teaching cassettes and CDs. With a strong emphasis on faith and revival, he ministers regularly in churches and Bible schools, holding seminars, camp meetings, healing rallies, leadership conferences, and various outreaches overseas. Greg is a graduate of RHEMA Bible Training Center and lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his wife and two daughters.

 Happy Caldwell

Pastor Happy Caldwell - Agape Church

Pastor Happy is the founder and pastor of Agape Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. He has an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University and is a recipient of the Peter J. Daniel’s Achievement Award.

 Tony Cooke

Tony Cooke - Tony Cooke Ministries

Gifted as a teacher, Tony Cooke has been serving the body of Christ in various capacities since 1980. For eighteen-and-a-half years, Tony was on staff at Kenneth Hagin Ministries. Currently, he teaches worldwide with an emphasis on strengthening churches and leaders. He enjoys helping believers reach their potential in Christ, helping leaders maximize their skills and effectiveness, and helping churches become healthy, vibrant, and strong. A 1981 graduate of RHEMA Bible Training Center, Tony studied Religion at Butler University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in church ministries from North Central University. Tony and his wife, Lisa, reside in, and operate Tony Cook Ministries out of, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and are the parents of two adult children, Laura and Andrew.