Charis Bible College Colorado
800 Gospel Truth Way
Woodland Park, CO 80863

Q: When will the Woodland Park campus be completed?

A: Classes are currently being held at our new campus in Woodland Park, Colorado!
The new physical address is:

800 Gospel Truth Way
Woodland Park, CO 80863

If you are using a GPS please search for:
5849 Trout Creek Road
Woodland Park, CO 80863

Q: Should I make arrangements for housing in Woodland Park or Colorado Springs?

A: Some considerations you will want to include in your decision on where to live is your place of employment, where you will be going to church, where you wish for your children to attend school, and whether you prefer a small community or enjoy the city. We encourage everyone to come to our annual Campus Days to explore the area! 

Q: Will there be housing available on campus in Woodland Park?  (#1 questions with international students who don’t always have transportation available.)

A: A group of private investors has developed a proposal to build and manage a limited amount of student housing on campus.  At this time, however, that proposal is still in the developmental stages and no dates for construction to begin have been established.

Q: How long is the drive from Colorado Springs to the school?

A: The drive to the school is approximately 30 minutes from the west side of Colorado Springs.  The length of your commute would depend on the location of your accommodations.

Q: What type of housing is available in Woodland Park?

A: We recommend you contact a realtor who is familiar with the Woodland Park area.  There are several real estate offices located in Woodland Park.  You might consider coming to CBC during one of our upcoming events such Campus Days in March or Summer Family Bible Conference in July.  This would give you an opportunity to see CBC and explore both the Colorado Springs and Woodland Park areas.  We are working on a new relocation packet that will also include information for Woodland Park.

New Campus