"Ministry School is designed to train each student to become 'laser focused' in their gifts and calling from God. Our goal is to expose the student to a variety of ministry gifts and styles until something makes their 'baby leap' and what God has called them to do is birthed."

- Greg Mohr, Director of the Ministry School


3rd Year Ministry School

“Become Laser-Focused on Your Calling.”

 Ministry School is designed to train students to become laser-focused in their gifts and calling from God. Along with yearlong instruction from successful, seasoned fivefold ministers, students receive specialized, focused training during elective classes, which include pastoral studies, evangelism, teaching, youth ministry, children’s ministry, and helps ministry. Students also gain valuable, in-depth ministry experience through teaching labs and off-campus practicum placement. Third year Ministry School students

Top 5 Features of the Ministry School

  1. Development of teaching and communication skills during interactive class sessions
  2. Strategic ministry plan development focused on launching new ministries
  3. Development of fivefold ministry gifts through seasoned pastors and ministers
  4. Elective training and equipping in specific areas: Pastoral, CBC School Planting, Children, and Youth Ministries
  5. Involvement with and exposure to various local ministries through off campus hands on placements

What type of person should enroll in Ministry School?

Individuals who sense a call of God to train for full or part-time ministry. 

Greg Mohr, Director of the Ministry SchoolABOUT THE DIRECTOR, GREG MOHR:
 Greg Mohr served as a senior pastor for twenty-four years, planted three other churches and was on a board for a large missions organization reaching Africa. The thrust of his ministry is to help people achieve their dreams, grow in Christlikeness, and change their world. Greg is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and has earned a Master’s degree in leadership from Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma.