“Changing the World One Story at a Time”

The Arts and Entertainment sphere is shaping our culture and defining who we are in stronger ways than ever before. Christians shouldn’t let the world be the only message.

Come and be part of a creative team that will reach the world with the Gospel through film, TV series, and stage productions.

These productions will inspire students to have purpose beyond themselves, while creating content that will benefit the world. As we create films and TV series, students will be ignited with a passion for evangelism, find their God given purpose, and receive practical direction on how to create, develop, and produce film and stage productions.

We are not looking to make superstars, but rather hard-working servants in partnership with the Holy Spirit who will learn to develop their God-given talents to reach out with the Word of God.

Our goal is to disciple students in how to make the Word come alive through stories and songs via a learning-by-doing environment.

We are looking for the team in 2021–22 who are going to be the ones developing and producing Seasons 2 and 3 of David - The Shepherd Warrior—an exciting new TV series for the whole family that reimagines the boyhood adventures of the future king of Israel. The young shepherd boy senses a greater call beyond the fields of Bethlehem. Guided by his unseen friend, Raiti, David learns valuable lessons in courage, truth, identity, faith, and more, as Raiti prepares the boy for his destiny as Israel's greatest hero.

Depending on the areas of interest, some students will also learn how to develop and produce musicals. As part of the production team, they will learn and develop as we produce The Heart of Christmas and David - The King of Jerusalem.

Together, as students and teachers, we are going to learn hands-on from all the areas of a cinematic film production.

Film Technique





Acting for the Camera


Musical Theater

Stunt Choreography

Special Effects Make-up

Join us as we step into the future with films and productions that will change the world, one story at a time.


Daniel Amstutz, Director of the Worship SchoolABOUT THE DIRECTORS, Robert & Elizabeth Muren: Robert and Elizabeth met while teaching at a school in Norway. After marrying, they quit their jobs and moved to Jerusalem in 1999. For the next decade, they traveled in thirteen countries with a musical drama called The Covenant, using song, music, and dance to tell the story of God’s love for His people. Their dramas are performed in Spanish, English, and Hebrew. Their four children all have roles in God With Us. It was in October of 2012 that friends in Norway introduced Robert and Elizabeth Muren to the teachings of Andrew Wommack. They knew at once that the message of grace and unconditional love Andrew was teaching would change not only their lives but also the lives of many who would watch their stage and movie productions. Shortly thereafter, Elizabeth contacted Andrew for his feedback on their screenplay, and they were invited to perform God With Us at Charis Bible College. The Murens have been performing their musicals with Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis since 2014.