The Third Year Business School will teach you how to make your Vision or Dream a reality. A Dream without action is a fantasy. Stop living in a fantasy world today and start living your destiny!- Paul Milligan, Director of the Business School


3rd Year Business School“Success in the Marketplace, God’s Way”

Business School equips men and women to tackle the challenges of starting, operating, and growing a business or organization in today’s economic climate. At the core of the school’s curriculum is the Business Model Generation Canvas, the same tool adopted by Harvard and other MBA programs. Learning from experienced business leaders, professionals, and successful entrepreneurs, students learn all facets of planning, implementing, and running a successful business.Paul Milligan Business School

Top 5 Features of the Business School
1) Experienced accomplished and successful instructors who teach from their experience and directly from the Word.
2) The education is MBA quality.
3) We emphasize the importance of Godly, Kingdom minded businesses that a) benefit the Kingdom, b) benefit their employees, c) benefit the community, and d) and are Godly examples to the marketplace.
4) Our students are given the tools to research, develop, formulate, start, lead, operate and manage successful business.
5) The First and Second Year teaching of CBC is reinforced and built upon through application of God’s Word in every principle taught.

What type of person should enroll in Business School?
1) Organized
2) Self-starter
3) Motivated
4) Knowledgeable in the use of a Computer and it’s various programs
5) Committed
6) Punctual
7) Possess an understanding of what the Word teaches about stewardship and prosperity.
8) Possess a conviction that you are called to create wealth and to establish God’s Kingdom on the earth.

Paul Milligan, Business School directorABOUT THE DIRECTOR, PAUL MILLIGAN:
 With over thirty years of experience in the corporate world and twenty-three years building his own company, Paul has accumulated a wealth of business wisdom. He has founded twelve corporations along with his ministry, LifeWalk International. In January 2004, he began a worldwide teaching ministry to the body of Christ, primarily in the areas of business and personal financial stewardship.