1. We Come Alive (Marcia)

Many people have asked me "how do you start writing songs?" My answer is never the same. This song is no exception. It is the only song that I knew was a song in concept by simply knowing I had the title: "We Come Alive".  I had inspiration for the lyrics later when I sat down to pen it. The opening line I began to "hear" a specific drum beat and "saw" an army syncing up their feet to this drumbeat, and then saw that it was to the heart of God in this rhythm. "With your every heartbeat in our every drumbeat.." Flowed from my pen. And so it began... I knew that God was birthing a spiritual awakening in this song. I knew it was a danceable song with a strong driving rhythm. Then the line came to me, "We come alive at the sound of your name!" Jesus is calling us to attention. Are we listening for the heartbeat? In the rhythms of His grace we find true life!

2. There is No Limit (Daniel)

While I was traveling to South Africa from Colorado last year, knowing I would have time to read, brought along with him  a book by Andrew Wommack called "Don't Limit God" and as I was re-reading this book and meditating in the scriptures and ideas that Andrew had shared, I heard the phrase "There is no limit when God is in it" and I knew that God was helping me to write a new song, and while I was in the London airport, it started coming to me like a download. I finished it upon returning to Colorado and I hope when you hear it your heart will join me in singing this truth that in Christ, There is No Limit. Thank you Andrew for this inspired and incredible teaching and book; You have truly changed my life! See Psalm 78:41                                                                                                                                                            

3. Destiny (Marcia)

Destiny is a very special song to me on this album. In fact, I might not be able to write this without shedding tears of gratefulness to God. Destiny was a song that I actually wrote many years ago when I was only 18 years old...young and clueless of how God was going to write my destiny. I remember very distinctly that God had just begun showing me glimpses of my own purpose as a worshiper and songwriter. My passion became a songwriter and worshiper that would impact the world with the music God gave me.  Along my journey, I've written many songs, but largely my focus has been in helping many others in doing their own music. From a singer, musician, arranger, and even a songwriter contributor, I have always helped others in their own albums and endeavors as songwriters. To finally sing THIS song many years later on an album that will minister to many worldwide, well, some may call it irony. I call it Destiny!   It is with great humility basking in God's absolute faithfulness that I now sing this song over every listener.  He is faithful to His word and His destiny for your life! "Whatever dream you have, He has a bigger dream.." Just believe and don't give up!

Living it Inside Out (Daniel)

One night at 2:30 am my wife of 39 years, Tracy, was dreaming an epic spiritual dream and woke me up out of a sound sleep with a shake on the shoulder and an urgent sound in her voice for me to wake up!  I thought there was an intruder in the house, but, fortunately there was a new song in the house instead!  She said to me, "you have to wake up because I just dreamed the most amazing song and if I don't sing it to you right now, I will forget it and it will be lost forever; you are my recorder because I know you will remember it, so do you want to hear it?"  I was so sleepy, and sort of spit out a "sure honey!"  She started to sing this little phrase of "Dance Dance Dance in His Glory, Dance Dance Dance in His story.....with this really simple melody and I was not near as enthusiastic as she was I must admit. I said, "that's nice dear; you woke me up to share that?" with tones of musical contempt spilling out on my pillow. Fortunately again she didn't give up, but she started to share the visual behind the song, and she said she saw a large congregation of people and they were from nations of every kind and dressed in their national dress, and the young and old from every generation were all dancing as unto the Lord together in this huge celebration of God's grace. She said you have a story and I have a story, and they each have a story  but we are all caught up together in HISTORY....His story.....and THAT got my attention. I finally got up and went to get my smart phone and record this simple melody and in minutes I started getting the main part of the song. I knew God was showing a prophetic picture of not just the celebration of heaven but rather heaven on earth, or you could say the kingdom of God being celebrated in His grace and in His church, the Body of Christ! I knew this was an expression of the planter and the harvester REJOICING TOGETHER, as Jesus taught in John 4:36 shortly after giving the greatest revelation in the entire bible not to a  man of the religious elite, but instead to a non-covenant woman who had messed up her life, who in her broken identity had a divine appointment at an ancient well that broke all social barriers as well. As Jesus always did, it was intentional and full of truth and grace!  Later, Jesus told the disciples to change their perspective and see that the harvest is ready!  Where sin abounds, grace does much more abound!  Are you ready? Everybody sing, everybody shout, everybody dance with God, we're living it inside out!

4. You Carried My Cross (Marcia)

This song was actually birthed from a short exhortation the Lord had given me during a worship time at Charis Bible College that I shared with the students.  I "saw" Jesus doing an exchange with me...He was taking my cross, sin, shame, failures, and in return, He gave me His Name.  Wow! What a trade! That's just how good He is! I cannot believe the undeserving amazing grace that He provides for us in that exchange.  
After the worship time, our fearless leader, Andrew Wommack, approached me and told me that he believed I was supposed to write a song about that phrase.  I accepted the challenge from the Lord through Andrew! It took a year and a half...but never forgot the challenge. One day I just began to hear the first line, "You carried my cross and took all my shame" in a distinct melody in swing feel..country style- a nod to Mr. Wommack himself. =) The rest flowed so easily. The verses are a prayer. And its all because of what He has done for us that we get to carry His wonderful name. Thank you, Jesus! And thank you, Andrew, for hearing the Holy Spirit that day to challenge me to pen that revelation through song. I hope this song blesses you and every listener who hears it.