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Live Stream Schedule

Subject to change

  • Healing School

    When: Thursday, 07/18/19 1:00 PM MDT

    with Mike Hoesch

  • STAND for Truth and Liberty

    When: Thursday, 07/18/19 7:00 PM MDT

    7-7:20PM Praise & Worship 7:20-7:30 PM Welcome & Announcements 7:30-7:45 PM Offering 7:45-7:50 PM Introduction of Andrew Wommack 7:50-8:20 PM Opening Speaker - Andrew Wommack 8:20-8:30 PM Remarks and Closing Prayer – Andrew Wommack

  • STAND for Truth and Liberty

    When: Friday, 07/19/19 9:00 AM MDT

    9-9:05AMWelcome 9:05-9:25AMPraise&Worship 9:25-9:35AMOpening Prayer 9:35-10:20AMWilliam Federer 10:20-10:30AMBreak 10:30-11AMPastor Cecil Blye “No Liberty Without God” 11:00-11:55AMPastor Dean Hunter 11:55-12PMRelease for lunch

  • STAND for Truth and Liberty

    When: Friday, 07/19/19 1:00 PM MDT

    1-1:20PMPraise&Worship 1:20-2PM Pastor Iverson Jackson 2:00-2:45PM Melvin Johnson “No Truth Without The Word of God” 2:45-2:55PM Break 2:55–3:50PM Panel Discussion: Bishop E.W. Jackson, Andrew Wommack, Richard Harris 3:50-4PMAnnouncements

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