Worship School at Charis Bible College

"As a performer, I was taught how to own the stage. As a worship leader, the Holy Spirit taught me how to let Jesus own the stage!"

- Daniel Amstutz, Director of the Worship School


3rd Year Worship School

The Worship School focuses on mentoring and developing Charis graduates to lead the body of Christ into genuine worship with character and integrity. Worship students receive training in vocals, instruments and also lead the Charis student body into worship each week.

Our mission is to equip and impart to those called to worship ministry that they may be able to disciple others in the way of authentic worship.

Course work for this program includes Theology of Worship, Music Theory, Song Writing, Music Lessons, Bible Doctrines, Relationship with God and more!  At CBC’s Worship School we believe worship is a response to God’s grace—what He has already done in and for us.

Worship School students

Top 5 Features of the Worship School

1. We systematically develop Biblical foundations for a calling to a ministry of worship and the arts.

2. We help equip you to be an original through professional private lessons developing the skills that you are called to use through a once a week lesson and then personal practice time.

3. We develop your music theory and ear training ability based in the latest software that is able to move you forward from wherever you come in, which impacts everything you do musically from song-writing and arranging to planning and leading worship.

4. We provide a learning style that is interactive bringing innovation, creativity and impartation from well-qualified, experienced and caring teachers/mentors, including national and international instructors.

5. We offer you a loving spirit-filled environment in which to be discipled, as a servant/artist, established upon a biblical standard of character that will help you actually fulfill a ministry career.


What type of person should enroll in Worship School?

The person who is seeking further equipping and training in worship ministry and the arts.


Daniel Amstutz, Director of the Worship SchoolABOUT THE DIRECTOR, DANIEL AMSTUTZ: Daniel Amstutz has been described by many as a “father” of the modern worship movement, helping to pioneer and mentor many who continue to have tremendous impact on the body of Christ and modern culture as well. He is a published songwriter and recording artist. He has served as a pastor and teacher of over thirty years, while continuing to mentor ministry leaders.

Apply to Charis Worship School

Charis Third Year is available to graduates of Charis Bible College only. 

Many of our campuses offer a Third Year program where students apply for an internship at the school, but the Business, Creative Arts, Media, Ministry, Missions, Practical Government or Worship schools are exclusive to the Woodland Park, Colorado campus. The Leadership Program is exclusive to select Charis Campuses, including Colorado.

Worship School Application