Charis Business Summit ELITE FAQs

  1. What can I expect?
    • There’s really too much to list, but here are a few things you can expect:
      1. To be inspired by some of the most successful Christian businessmen of our time
      2. To gain a wealth of knowledge to help you start or take your business to greater heights
      3. To network and build relationships with other like-minded business professionals
      4. To hear from God for your specific situation
      5. To be encouraged and motivated like never before!
  2. What will I learn?
    • You will learn all about finances from a business standpoint with Paul Milligan, the building blocks that will maximize your effectiveness and help your organization operate at peak force without burning out from Dr. Dean Radtke, the Laws of Wealth and the Business Model Generational Canvas and how they are essential to successful business from Billy Epperhart, and how to discover your business or organization’s unique factor and capitalize on it from Dr. Lance Wallnau. All of this and so much more!
  3. Where will the Summit be held? 
    • This year’s Business Summit Elite will be at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando, 4040 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando, FL 32837.
  4. Does it matter if I haven’t started my business yet?
    • This experience will help you launch out in the correct way! All of the teaching can be applied at any stage of operation.
  5. Does the teaching apply to non-profit organizations as well as businesses?
    • Yes! All of our speakers have had extensive experience with non-profits as well as businesses and have invaluable information for both!
  6. Are there VIP tickets still available?
  7. Will there be more Charis Business Summits?
  8. Will I have direct access to the speakers?