Essential Truths of the New Testament with Arthur Meintjes

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Instructor: Arthur Meintjes

There are many truths in the Bible, but not all the truths in the Bible are essential and foundational. That means that there are many things in the Bible that are extremely interesting but they are not extremely important. There are also many truths that are important, sometimes even extremely valuable, but they are not essential. 


The big tragedy is that many times the truths that Christians major on, and build their lives upon, are non-es sential or nonfoundational truths. It will not necessarily be wha t you believe about healing or prosperity that will determine whether you will fall or stand when you’re sick, or when you’re in poverty. It will most probably be what you believe about the essential and foundational truth of the Gospel, because all other truths must be based and founded on this truth in order to work.