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  • Learn the #1 tool in business, so you can communicate effectively!
  • We’ll tell you HOW to do what you need to do for your business!
  • Learn the ESSENTIALS for SUCCESS!
  • You WILL get what you need at this conference!
  • Never ask what it costs. Ask what it is worth! This one is PRICELESS!
  • Correct your thinking on how to get wealth with “the law of conversion”!
  • The teaching will be some of the best in the world!

BusinessBusiness School

The Charis Bible College Business School exists to instill sound business principles in the body of Christ and populate the body and the marketplace with effective, well-financed ministry. Classes include “Do Business God’s Way”, “Start a Business from Scratch”, “How to Write a Comprehensive Business Plan”, setting up corporations, leadership qualities and more.     
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