World Outreach is about people!

 Charis World Outreach is the department within Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College established to have a global impact. It provides oversight for all Andrew Wommack Ministry and Charis Bible College locations outside of Colorado, U.S.A. When you support Charis World Outreach, you are making an impact on the nations with the intent not only to transform lives with the incredible good news of the Gospel, but to transform societies for generations to come. 

 Through your partnership, you will be:

  • Translating books, television programs and Charis curriculum into local languages, transforming nations from within.
  • Empowering people to walk in their God-given callings, stepping into major roles of influence in their societies.
  • Sending people and other resources all over the world, making disciples of Jesus by teaching them their true identities as defined in God’s Word.
  • Establishing new locations all over the world with the intent to see nations fulfill the calling God has for them.
  • Training leaders in every field, teaching them to walk power if God’s Word, not their own understanding.
  • Seeding the nations with the Word, taking the Gospel to all nations.

 What a gift God has given us, to use the resources of this temporary life to make an eternal difference! Together, we will change the world.

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