Terms of Service

By enrolling in courses, I am accepting the Charis Online Terms of Service (TOS) which include that I:
All Courses:
  • agree to abide by the policies and code of conduct of Charis Online. 
  • understand that for my own privacy and security, Charis encourages me to not share information that others could use to harm me, including information that would allow others to physically locate or contact me outside the Charis Online system. Charis strongly encourages me to limit my contact with other users to the communication channels provided within the Charis Online system. Charis is not responsible for any consequences that may result from contact with other users outside this system. 
  • verify that I am at least 18 years old for Interactive courses only (there is NO minimum age requirement for taking Self-Paced courses).
  • will not reproduce any content for the purposes of reselling or charging any fee for the content. I will not reproduce any content for the purposes of editing with the intent of distributing the edited content. 
  • will use my access to other Charis Online users only for class activities organized by Charis. Unless otherwise authorized by Charis in writing I will NOT use any communication methods available through Charis Online, (including email addresses) to solicit Charis staff or other students for: 
    • business purposes or 
    • involvement in ministry activities outside of Charis/AWMI or 
    • collection of funds for any purposes, including ministry offerings.
  • accept that Charis reserves right to delete content, temporarily suspend, or permanently terminate user access to courses and activities if Charis, at its sole discretion, believes the terms or spirit of this agreement have been violated. 
  • accept that Charis reserves the right to make changes to any aspect of the online college and policies with or without notice.
  • accept that Charis reserves the right to close, cancel, or reschedule courses at its sole discretion. If Charis changes the availability of a course for which a student has already paid, the student will be eligible for a refund for that course.
  • certify that all information provided in this course enrollment is truthful and complete.
Interactive Courses:
  • accept that Interactive courses are subject to minimum and maximum enrollment limits.  If the enrollment minimum is not met by the enrollment deadline for a course, that course may be canceled for that term.  If enrollment for a course reaches the maximum limit for a term, it may be closed to additional students for that term.  In most cases, students will have the opportunity to reschedule that class for a future term, or possibly schedule a different course in the same term.
  • understand that faithfulness is most important for success as a student at Charis.  In Interactive courses, I will be faithful to fulfill my obligations, complete the tasks I have been assigned, and to do them on time.
Reporting violations of these Terms of Service:

Thank you for honoring these terms of service.  This is your college community.  Help us make it strong, vibrant and enjoyable for all members.  If you see anything that violates the Terms of Service, please report it to online@charisbiblecollege.org for review. 

Withdrawal Policy

Before withdrawing from an Online course, please review the Withdrawal and Refund Policies.

To withdrawal from a course, you must notify the Distance Education department via email or postal mail. The withdrawal request date for email is the date generated by the receiving email and the postmark date for postal mail. Please include your name and the course title(s) in your request. Refunds will be sent within 20 business days after the written withdrawal request is received.

If you feel the need to withdraw from a course because of time demands, first consider whether you are spending an appropriate amount of time on the course. Depending on the depth of study, it’s estimated to take a total of 10 to 12 hours to complete a course and you may download the course material for future reference and study.

There are no academic penalties for withdrawing from a course at any time. If you withdraw and then enroll in the course again later, you will simply start at the beginning with a clear academic record.

Refund Policies

Interactive Course(s)
  • Up to one week before lessons start - 100% refund
  • Up to the end of the first week (7 calendar days) of class - 80% refund
  • Up to the end of the second week (14 calendar days) of class - 50% refund
  • After the end of the second week of class no refunds will be granted.

Each interactive course-week starts on Monday 12am (Mountain time) and ends on the following Monday at 12am.

Self-Paced Course(s)

Self-Paced course tuition is refundable at 100% within one week of enrollment if no more than one lesson of the course material has been accessed. If more than one lesson has been accessed, no refund will be granted.

Course Bundle(s)

When withdrawing from a course(s) that was included in a bundle, the course(s) that remains from the original bundle will revert to the individual course price. If two or more Interactive courses remain, those courses will revert to the Build Your Own Bundle per course price ($10/course savings). The amount refunded will be the difference of the original bundle price and the individual course price, or the Build Your Own Bundle price, for the remaining course(s).

The refund policies in place for Interactive and Self-Paced courses are applicable to courses included in a bundle.

Note: Pre-set course bundles are a predetermined mix of courses and course formats and may not be changed to another course or course format. Previously purchased courses that are included in a pre-set bundle of courses are not eligible for refund or exchange.

If you need to withdraw from a course(s) in the Build Your Own Bundle, substitutions are only allowed with other Interactive courses and are subject to the Interactive course refund policy.

Other Bundles - Refund options are limited for other course bundles. Please contact us here for details.

Re-Instatement and Enrollment Fees

Any enrollment fees and re-instatement fees are non-refundable. After you have enrolled and started online courses, you are free to skip later terms to suit your schedule. However, if you do not enroll in any online courses for more than 2 consecutive terms, your student status may be changed to inactive. If your status becomes inactive, you are still free to enroll in online courses again. However, there may be a fee to reactivate your Online student status at the time of future enrollments. There are no enrollment fees currently in effect for Online students.

Access to Past Courses

You will have access to your course material through the Online Campus site for a full year from the date of enrollment. During that time, you may download and save the course video and audio files and course outline to any device that you’d like. Since the Online Campus site course-access expires, we recommend backing up your files as a safeguard against damage or loss.

These policies are subject to change without notice.