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Born in the late 1960's, Tom and Cindy grew up in the same small town in central North Carolina where both their families were active in their local United Methodist Churches. As a young boy Tom wanted to be an encouraging preacher like the many different ones he had seen with his family. As a young girl Cindy desired to be a loving, nurturing mommy with lots of babies. Tom and Cindy would finally meet in the winter of 1985 at a t-shirt shop where they both worked. By March of 1986 they had become high school sweethearts and they married in 1990. Almost immediately they began serving together in various ministries at church. During the 90's they served in different denominations with children and youth ministry, worship ministry, home church groups, and discipleship studies for men and women. Over time, they became very passionate about starting discipleship studies with an emphasis on equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. In 1999, they started their first Discipleship / Evangelism Bible Study in their home. In response to God's calling in 2002, Tom and Cindy took a step of faith: they left the world as they knew it in North Carolina and moved their young family, with three small children, to Colorado to attend Charis Bible College. At Charis, God established the revelation of His unconditional love and grace in their hearts, and this core understanding of the Gospel became the foundation of their lives. Tom and Cindy knew they would be discipling others when they left Charis, but they didn’t know exactly where or how.
During Tom’s apprenticeship with Charis in November 2004, God spoke a word to he and Cindy's heart: the Boyd's would be moving to Atlanta, Georgia to start their ministry. Within days, the director of Charis asked Tom into his office and said that he wanted to start an extension school in Atlanta. Within six months, Tom and Cindy once again stepped out in faith believing God was ordering their steps. They moved to Atlanta and started a Charis Bible College extension school that fall.
Since that time God has been stretching them to continue trusting Him and to think bigger. He has graced them with innovative ideas and shown them numerous ways how to offer more programs and how to expand their reach into the communities surrounding Atlanta. Through the relationships they have built with Charis Alumni, the Lord has shown them how to successfully start new schools and since 2005 they have launched 10 Charis schools as far as Augusta, Birmingham, Greenville, and Macon.
Recently Tom was ministering to a group of leaders saying, "every year the Lord is stirring us up on how to make things better and to remain innovative. There is an old saying “pioneers get the arrows, but the settlers get the land.” The challenges and perseverance needed to pioneer projects from the ground up has taught us numerous lessons. Had it not been for our willingness to yield to God and remain vulnerable to change and innovation we probably would have fallen to the numerous arrows. But the greatest encouragement we received came from the lips of an older minister with these simple yet powerful words, “hang on.” Not just hang on for the ride but tie a knot and hang on and don't give up. Those simple words have got us through some very hard times where the arrows seemed insurmountable." In making it through the early pioneer days, Tom and Cindy have settled into the land. Through their struggle they have become passionate about helping other ministers to more easily “take the land” the Lord has given them. Their heart is to help leaders, ministers and everyday saints prosper in that land they have been called to and to help these people have longevity in ministry and business.
Whether it be at Charis Bible College, a local church, a local restaurant, coffee shop, kitchen table, Skype, or phone call, regardless of the setting, Tom and Cindy have been set in body of Christ to help equip the saints. Through discipling, training, mentoring and/or coaching, that purpose is being fulfilled through the ministry God placed in their hearts long ago. They have more God-inspired dreams and visions for the future but they are not anxious knowing God will grace them for those things in time.
Faithful is He that calls you, who also will do it. I Thess 5:24
As it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. I Cor 2:9



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