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Tom, at age 13, came forward to give his heart to Christ one night at a youth camp. He then became very active in his church youth group in Brighton, MI. This is where he first met his future-wife Charlene. Even before leaving high school, Tom felt a call on his life to be in full-time ministry. Although he began at a Christian college on a path to become a minister, it got interrupted and Tom floated into the secular workforce until he was 32-years old. All the while, Tom remained involved in his church through music ministry, running sound and attending bible studies.
Charlene remembers kneeling beside her bed at the age of five, with her mother, and giving her little heart to Jesus. Nine years later, around the same time as Tom, Charlene rededicated her life to Christ, at that same youth camp, and that’s when she first felt a call to ministry. Like Tom, during her high school years, Charlene remained active in church through youth group, choir and attending bible studies.
The couple were friends for six years before they dated, got married, and began a family. In their early 30s, Tom quit his job and the couple began a nonprofit-music ministry and travelled full time for two and a half years. That’s where Tom and Charlene really learned to trust the Lord and live by faith.
Finding themselves back in the workforce, the couple began listening to Andrew Wommack consistently after they were introduced to him by a friend at church. It was through Andrew’s teachings that Tom and Charlene became baptized in the Holy Spirit and began to experience a completeness that they had never had. Charlene puts it this way: “in the past four years, I have grown more than in the past forty years.” When a job change landed them in India, they found Charis Bible College in Chennai, India on “Learning about Charis Bible College,” says Tom, “I felt that call again to pursue full-time ministry.” As Charis Directors, they have both found a deep satisfaction in sharing what God has done for them and enjoy watching others come alive through the same Gospel truth that changed their lives.



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