From Pizza to Plane Tickets!

08/18/21 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Student Life

When a friend who was in Ciudad Victoria for summer break mentioned that he was attending Charis Bible College, something went off inside Javier Macias about coming to Charis!

Javier is from Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. After his parents’ recent divorce, Javier’s family had literally no money—not even for food—and he needed $15,000 up front to attend school.

At his church pastored by Bobby and Lynn Crow, Javier had heard that God was a provider, and He would not only provide for your needs, but He would provide your wants as well. At first, this was hard for him to believe when all he had in his refrigerator was water.

Javier went home and relayed to his father about the God who provides that he had heard about in church. His father asked what they were supposed to do. Javier told him that they needed to act as if these things were true.

They set the table, and Javier prayed, saying, “Lord, if you don’t mind, we want some pizza and Sprite!” They sat there for a while with empty plates when someone knocked on the door. When Javier opened the door, there was a woman standing there with two pizzas and a huge Sprite!

She said she had been ordering food for her family and she didn’t know why but felt impressed to order some for them as well. She said, “You probably have already eaten, but maybe you can have it for dinner. God bless you!”

Javier exclaimed, “Dad! It’s true! God provided!”

Step by step, God increased Javier’s faith—from pizza to passport to plane ticket to even tuition! He was radically transformed even before he got to school!

Says Javier, “Every little thing I needed, from the passport, plane ticket, even tuition—God provided even before I got here. It was a journey where I was able to know God’s love, His heart, and His faithfulness.”

Before coming to Charis, he believed that if you were good, God was good to you, but if you were bad, if you sinned once or made even one mistake, God was mad at you. Throughout his journey, Javier learned God is not like that!

Javier has what he calls his best advice for potential international students:

“Don’t freak out! Don’t panic. If God called you to be here at Charis, He will take care of you every single step of the way!”

Is God calling you to Charis?