Raised from the Dead in Kenya!

07/21/21 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

An excerpt from “O Death Where Is Thy Sting” by AWM staff

Charis Bible College alumni, church planters, and Bible school founders, Mike and Pat Heiser, launched the Heart of God Fellowship in 2005 in Kenya.

Today, there are over 200 churches that were birthed from or are affiliated with the original Heart of God Fellowship in Meru. 

Armed with curriculum from Charis Bible College, the Heisers birthed their Neema Bible College campus. Neema (pronounced Nee-yem-ah) means “grace” in Swahili. Today, over 1,000 students have graduated from over 26 Neema Bible College campuses across Kenya!

One of the most fulfilling aspects of the Heiser’s ministry is seeing their students take the message of grace and authority out into other parts of Kenya.

 Take, for example, Pastor Allen and Mary Kusimba. The Kusimbas graduated from NEEMA Bible College, took the message of grace, and planted a church in another town. 

One evening, when Pastor Allan and his wife decided to hold an all-night prayer service in their church, they had no idea they were about to see the impossible! The following is a story about a young mother who stepped into their church that night. 

They had been travelling on foot for hours; almost an entire day. On her back, a young mother was carrying her sick baby to the nearest village clinic, which was miles away. 

When she reached the clinic, it was almost unbearable to receive the nurse’s diagnosis—her baby had died along the way. 

Crushed, overwhelmed with grief and despair, she and her friends began the strenuous journey back home to bury her precious daughter. However, something caught her ear. 

It was the sound of worship and singing, coming from a nearby church. This couldn’t be right—it was nearly 2 AM!

How she longed to sit down and rest her tired feet. How she longed to find answers to her desperation. She was drawn to these sounds of praise. These sounds of hope. She made the bold choice to step inside.

Upon entering, the pastor greeted this young woman and her travelling companions. Seeing her exhaustion, he offered to hold her baby for her. 

Shocked to find the little baby cold and stiff, the pastor began to pray, and immediately heard the Holy Spirit say, “It is well with the baby.” Pastor Allan began to call the spirit of life back into her lifeless body and continued exercising authority over death. 

Suddenly, the small, stiff body started to move in his arms. He continued to pray, and finally, she began to breathe. Little Florence is alive! 

The entire congregation erupted in praise. The next day, the whole village was amazed at what God had done. 

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