Where Is Your Harvest?

06/14/21 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

All believers have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places (Eph. 1:3). 

However, it is obvious that not all believers are enjoying the abundance of God’s blessings.  There is a disconnect between what is available and what is experienced.

Sowing and reaping is simply God’s way of getting His blessings into your life.

It would be like the electricity in your house. It is there waiting to be used, but unless you plug in an appliance or turn on a switch, the electricity won’t manifest its benefit to you.

Sowing can be seen through our kindness, service, forgiving, loving, blessing and giving. Sowing involves using our gifts to bless others and solve problems. Sowing is using everything God has given us to bless those around us. It is a lifestyle that manifests God’s love to us, through us and toward others.

Your harvest is every good thing God brings into your life. 

Your harvests are new relationships, open doors of opportunity, favor, health, protection, wisdom, revelation, the gifts of the Spirit flowing through you, resources and blessings. Your harvests are a multiplication of God’s goodness to you as it flows through you to others.

We often don’t recognize our harvests or take them for granted. 

A harvest can be a phone call that opens the door to an opportunity that will change your life. Your harvest can be a divine encounter with someone who may later be part of an incredible blessing to your family. Your harvest may be an escape from tragedy or death that you might not even be aware of. Your harvest may be an idea that comes to you in the night that solves a problem.

All of these opportunities and blessings are available to all of God’s children, but they are multiplied to the sower. 

Jesus taught that when we are faithful in what we have been given, we will be given more.  When we bless others, we create an environment of blessing for ourselves.

Give thanks for your harvests!

Jesus had a need to feed thousands. A small lunch was given (loaves and fishes). A boy’s resource was turned into a seed. Jesus gave thanks and blessed the apparent lack, and it turned into a blessing for thousands. This is how the kingdom works. Don’t despise what you have. Give thanks for everything God has given you and put it to work, wrapped in faith and love.

The harvests are coming!