I Can’t Cast Out a Spirit of Dirty Diapers!

02/17/21 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Adapted from “Grow Up” by Greg Fritz

I’ve had many prayer lines over the years in the churches where I’ve ministered.

It is quite common to invite people to come forward to receive prayer for various needs. I love to pray and agree with people in this setting and we have seen some marvelous things happen. 

However, some things can’t be prayed down or cast out. Not every problem has an instant solution. Some of the things you may want to happen, change or receive will come in due time if you will focus on God, the things of God and grow up. 

Let’s suppose a young couple brought their six-month-old baby up to me for prayer. When I asked what the problem was, they informed me that the baby was dirtying his diapers several times a day. It was messy, time consuming and expensive, and they didn’t like to change dirty diapers. So they wanted me to pray and cast it out. Well, I can’t cast out a spirit of dirty diapers. The solution is to keep feeding and caring for the baby, and one day he’ll grow out of dirty diapers. 

That may sound silly, but there are situations in the kingdom that come to pass the same way! 

I’ve prayed for some things in my own life and ministry over and over, and it didn’t seem to do any good. But when the time came and I was ready, the Lord just handed me what seemed nearly impossible years before. 

A 14-year-old can plead and beg for the keys to the family car and get no response. He can argue about how mature he is for his age, how responsible he is and how much he deserves the right to drive but still not be given the car keys. 

However, if he will be patient and continue to grow and do what is necessary to prepare, when he turns 16, he will be handed those keys that seemed so far from his reach just two years before.  

You may be struggling with a stronghold or an addiction in your life, and you’ve tried everything to get free. You’ve repented countless times, you’ve rededicated, received counseling, prayed at the altar and asked others for prayer all to no avail. 

Instead of focusing on the problem and striving to get an instant deliverance, focus your attention on growing in the things of God. Learn from His Word who you are, what you have in Christ and what He has done in and for you. Look in the scriptures and see Jesus at the Father’s right hand interceding on your behalf. 

Spend time in the presence of God enjoying His goodness, and obey Him when He speaks. This is how you are nourished and exercise, and it results in growth!