Do You See Yourself as God’s Favorite?

07/29/20 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Excerpt from Hearing God by Barry Bennett 

Do you see yourself as God’s favorite?  

Not just another redeemed person in the sea of humanity that covers all people from the time of creation, but His favorite? You would probably agree that God loves you, but do you believe He likes you? 

I know it sounds egotistical and perhaps even sacrilegious, but I have come to believe that unless you can see yourself as the object of God’s love and that He would have sent Jesus to die for you and you alone, you really won’t enjoy the full expression of the abundant life.   

How would you live your life differently if you knew you were the only object of God’s love and grace? How would it impact you if you knew all of His power was at your disposal? What would you do differently when you discovered He had given you the keys of the Kingdom and every good gift? How would you feel to learn that all of the angels of heaven existed to minister for you? 

I suspect your attitude toward yourself and toward life might change. Your posture might change. Your vision for life might be different. The way you treat others would reflect the love you had received from God as His favorite. Your words would change. You would think and speak differently.  

You would be an ambassador of Almighty God and an expression of His love.   

His compassion would be your compassion. His mercy would be your mercy. His heart for others would be your heart for others. You would have no fear because it would have been replaced with absolute confidence in your Father’s love. You would have total peace and confidence knowing that you are God’s child! 

Can you imagine that? You should try, because it is all true.   


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