From Desperation to the Miraculous!

07/22/20 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Mara and Isaac De los Reyes are real estate investors in Goodyear, Arizona. After their son’s first birthday, he was vaccinated and ended up hospitalized.  

From that point on, his health and behavior slowly declined. He was extremely sensitive to light, under chronic anxiety, and he would scream constantlyAll of his reactions were unusual and abnormal.  

Mara and Isaac operate their business from home, and the level of anxiety was chaotic 

At one of the appointments with a naturopath, they were told, “You know they have a vaccine injury fund for that.” As they left, it hit Mara that her son had been damaged by the vaccine.  

They were at a point of desperation and needed hope.  

They had been listening to Andrew Wommack’s teachingand Mara told Isaac, “Whether he was injured or not, we’re going to believe for full healing.”  

Mara had heard Andrew mention a two-dollar booklet, God Wants You Well. In the back of the booklet, all the scriptures where Jesus healed are listedShe ordered it and read through every single scripture in her Bible, and grabbed hold of the truth of the Word of God 

When they found out Andrew was going to be in Phoenix for a Gospel Truth Conference, they determined to attend and see their son healed.  

At the conference, says Mara, We got in the prayer line and were led to a woman who was a mom. She just started very gently asking me questions about what was wrong with my son. She started to pray for him and so gently just touched his back and prayed, commanded a spirit of infirmity to leave him.”  

By the next day, their son was able to be in the conference singing at the top of his lungs to the worship music—which was a miracle. It was done!  

It happened instantly, and all of their lives were completely changed.  

As things returned to normal in their household, Mara says, It was a miracle, and we’re so grateful for Andrew Wommack’s teaching that just literally transformed us. I always tell people it’s been rocking our world ever since!”  

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