Bread for Us

07/13/20 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

by Rick McFarland 

“Only rebel not ye against the LORD, neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us: their defence is departed from them, and the LORD is with us: fear them not.” —Numbers14:9 

Israel was delivered from Egypt by the supernatural power of God. God had promised them that He would lead them into a land that flowed with milk and honey, and He was leading them into the Promised Land. He provided a cloud to block the raging sun and provided water out of a rock. God also provided daily bread that fell from heaven for them.  

Moses sent out twelve spies to spy out the land and report back. When they returned, they reported that there were many people that were strong and tall and that they had fortified cities.  

Ten of the spies were overcome with unbelief because of what they saw, reporting that they were like grasshoppers in the sight of the Canaanites. The other two spies—Joshua and Caleb—had their focus on God and His promises and supernatural provision. They reported that God had given them the land, and they were well able to overcome the giants!  

Joshua and Caleb told the Israelites not to rebel against God and not to fear the people of the land. Then they then said, “They are bread for us!”  

What were they referring to by saying this?  

They were trying to get the children of Israel to think back to the last forty years when God rained down daily bread from heaven in the wilderness! They didn’t even have to provide their own food because God provided it supernaturally. They just had to pick it up and bake it!  

Joshua and Caleb were focused on God's power and were trying to remind Israel of this: If God was able to provide bread for two million people daily in the wilderness, then the giants of the Promised Land were dead meat! Their defeat would be as supernatural as the bread was for forty years.  

They would have to go in and fight against the giants, but God would supernaturally help them defeat their foes no matter how strong they were!  

The stories of the Old Testament were written down for us to learn from today.  

Every day we are attacked by the giants of sin, sickness, lack and persecution. Instead of running in fear, we are to stand our ground in the armor of the Lord and know they are just bread for us!  

If we stand against all the attacks of the enemy and our problems, knowing they are just “bread for us,” God will fight for us and with us, and we will be victorious!