You Won’t Hear This on the Major News Networks!

09/11/19 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Based on a recent Truth and Liberty Livecast

Pastor Reza Safa was born in Iran and raised as a devout Shia Muslim.

He came to Houston, Texas, in 1978 as a student. That Christmas, one of his teachers took him to church. That was his first contact of any kind with Christians in his life.

When the revolution began in 1979 in Iran, he returned home to be part of the revolution. Says Pastor Safa, “The whole time I was in the country, something inside of me that I didn’t understand was constantly urging me to leave the country.”

With his family life and the whole country in chaos, Pastor Reza decided to leave the country. The Iran hostage crisis was in full swing, and all Iranian visas to the US had been cancelled. He decided to go to Sweden.

There he met two Swedish missionaries who introduced him to the Bible and loved on him. One night before he went to bed, he prayed, “Jesus, if you are the Son of God, then show up in my room.” 

He awoke at 3:00 AM as usual to do the first of his ritual Muslim prayer times and heard the voice of God for the first time—in perfect Persian. God said, “Reza, you don’t need to pray like this anymore. Your sins are forgiven.” 

Pastor Reza says that it wasn’t so much what God said as it was what he felt. He said it was as if someone took their hand, reached inside of him, and pulled all that stuff from Islam out!

As soon as he was saved, Reza began to witness and pray for Muslims, wanting them to experience what he had. After three years, he moved to Spain and began a church for the refugees fleeing Iran because of the war.

In 1983, Pastor Safa began traveling the world, holding massive crusades to bring Muslims and others to Christ. And in 1990, the Lord spoke to him, telling him to leave co-pastoring the largest church in Stockholm and his established ministry, move to the US, and that he was going to be a part of huge revival in the Middle East!

Today, Pastor Reza Safa is one of the leading voices of revival in the Muslim world. Through his Farsi/Persian television network, TBN Nejat TV, literally millions of Muslims have declared their faith in Jesus Christ!

Something else, you won’t hear on NBC, ABC, CBS or CNN: Iran has the fastest growing rate of evangelicals in the entire world (19.6%)! 

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