Faithful in the In-Between

07/24/19 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Marcus and Sharon Wick’s journey to Charis Colorado began like most students’ do: they heard the call.

But the couple had not yet met each other and were on different sides of the globe—Sharon in the Middle East, and Marcus in Ohio. 

Hearing God’s call, each left everything behind.

Marcus loved his job, but as he puts it, “All of a sudden, it was like someone reached on the inside of me and turned off the faucet. Andrew messed me up!” 

Marcus knew God was changing his desires to get him to Charis. By November 2012, Marcus was in school.

After a year at Charis, Marcus began to desire to be married. Praying in tongues one day, he began to prophesy that his future wife would be from a good, healthy family whose parents were still together, not an American, not divorced, and have her “head on straight.” 

On the other side of the world was Sharon, from Johannesburg, South Africa—late thirties, never been married. Sharon grew up in a close-knit family, graduated from college, and became a teacher. 

She was in Abu Dhabi in April 2013 when she heard the call to attend Charis. God supernaturally opened the door, and she was in school the following September.

Sharon met Marcus her first week in school. They were friends initially, but by December, they sensed there was more and decided to get married over spring break. Marcus sensed God was calling them to Los Angeles to plant a church. However, knowing that Sharon also wanted to go to Third Year, Marcus agreed to wait. 

During his time at Charis, it was recognized that Marcus had a strong, prophetic anointing on his life. So, when Marcus graduated, he began to experience a loss of ministry context.

He explains, “At Charis, you’re plugged into a system. Then suddenly you graduate … and you ask yourself, ‘What do I do next?’ I had to rediscover my footing as I waited on Sharon.”

By the time Sharon graduated from Third Year, she didn’t have peace about moving immediately to LA. Not knowing clearly what to do, Marcus and Sharon committed themselves to be faithful in the in-between. 

Marcus continued teaching two Bible studies while he painted houses and dug post holes for work, and Sharon taught a singles class. They also began to prepare for their move to LA. 

In February 2017, the couple planned an LA trip to spy out the land. That month, Sharon was hospitalized unexpectedly.

Another delay.

Marcus’ pastor prophesied that Marcus was a prophet, not a pastor. Marcus was told that he would minister to pastors and teach about the prophetic. This presented a course correction for Marcus and Sharon. 

After receiving concrete confirmations from God, the doors started opening. Marcus began to get speaking engagements at churches, various Charis campuses and at conferences in Uganda and Ethiopia. Marcus and Sharon both call the transition “effortless.”

Charis was just the first step to discovering God’s will for their lives. They’re convinced that being faithful in the in-between is a major part of the Charis journey.

Are you ready to begin your Charis journey?