07/17/19 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

By Audrey Mack 

With all that’s happening in this world politically and spiritually, it’s not a time to draw back and be politically correct.

It’s a time to boldly proclaim God's truth—even about politics, as did preachers and pastors during the Great Awakening. 

Many nations—France, England, Germany—once had a reverential fear of God. They knew great revivals and spiritual awakenings. But now they oppose the very God they once embraced. God is not even a thought in people's minds. People are even forbidden to talk about God lest they offend. 

What could have erased God from these nations and transformed them into atheist nations with less than 1% true believers? 

An important key is found in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount: "blessed are the poor, for yours is the Kingdom of God!" Being poor meant to realize your total need for God for everything—spiritual, physical, and financial. 

The strategy of the devil is simple. What if there is no longer a need that would motivate you to turn to God? Sooner or later you wouldn't even remember God. From the beginning of time, the enemy's strategy has been to convince men to build a society where God was no longer needed. 

Today, it would be called SOCIALISM…a social system overthrowing capitalism and free enterprise, a system in which the government owns and controls the means of production and distribution of goods... a government powerful enough to meet all basic needs. 

When Socialism entered Europe, supposedly to “help the poor," the government became the one meeting people's needs. 

Are you sick?  Let us give you healthcare! Don't have or don't want a job? No problem! We will give you welfare and food stamps. Better yet, we will give you government housing, even a free cell phone! Do you have addictions, emotional or relational problems? We'll send you to the psychiatrist for free! 

After all who needs God, who needs the church, when everything is within your reach? 

You might think this is good. But does it really help? These so called "freebies" come with a price: freedom, self-governing ability, individuality, and the motivation to rise above poverty and mediocrity. 

When people depend on the government, they can no longer be what God has called them to be—free, called to excel, to prosper, and to dream big. They’re kept in poverty and not allowed to prosper lest they lose their benefits. 

Thomas Jefferson once said: "A government that gives you everything is a government that can take everything from you." 

Capitalism is a biblical concept. In the parable of the talents, the talents were taken from the one who did not invest or work hard and given to the one who did.

Socialism is spiritual at its roots because it seeks to replace God as our provider and make us independent from God and His Word—the source of all true blessings. 

Ultimately, it seeks to control us and rob us of our God-given liberties!

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