2 Essential Opportunities to Let Patience Possess You

07/10/19 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Adapted from A Prosperous Soul by Greg Mohr

There are two primary areas in our lives it is essential we exercise patience. 

First is the “in between time.” This is the time between the prayers we pray and receiving the answers to our prayers. 

What I have learned from experiences in my prayer journey is that tagging time frames on the end of our prayers is a recipe for failure. We do not receive from God by focusing on the calendar or the clock, but by keeping our focus on the Lord and His Word. 

The Bible tells us to add to our faith, patience (II Peter 1:5-6).

Faith is a lot like fishing. When God puts something in your heart to believe and ask Him for, it is like setting the hook in the fish’s mouth. You know you have it on the line, but many times you cannot see it because it is under the surface of the water. 

You don’t want to get in a big rush to yank the fish in the boat because you could lose it. 

The bigger the dream and vision God has given you, sometimes the harder and longer the fight will be. But if you refuse to give up by adding patience to your faith, you will reel in that dream, vision, or desire from the spirit realm into the natural realm. 

The second area where it is essential to exercise patience is in dealing with challenging circumstances and difficult people. 

The context of Jesus’ instruction to “let patience possess your souls” in Luke 21:19 is during times of tremendous tribulation. Jesus is telling us here that even in times of great trouble and persecution, we are to let patience possess our souls. He is teaching us the way to get through adversity, accusations, and emotional instability is to let the patience we already have in our spirits rule in our souls as well.

In difficult times of financial, physical, or relational crisis, you have a choice.

You can “blow a gasket” and let anger, frustration, and impatience have its way. Or you can choose to allow patience, which is the fruit of the Spirit and the nature of Jesus in your spirit man, to manifest instead.

When you are faced with persecution, accusation, or people who are condescending to you, how do you react? Are you releasing patience and partaking of the divine nature within you? It is your choice to partake of the divine nature in your spirit by responding to the Holy Spirit instead of reacting emotionally. 

Learn to wait on the wisdom of God in the midst of difficult circumstances by responding to the Spirit instead of reacting in the flesh.

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