No Purpose and No Hope—Until…

06/19/19 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Events

God is still in the business of mending hearts and bodies and restoring vision and purpose!

Suzi Rider from Beaumont, California, suffered tremendously when her husband died.

“My daughter, a friend, and I came to the Summer Family Bible Conference. It was the beginning of our healing journey after such a big loss. 

“I’d been married for twenty-six years. We came here believing that God was going to start the healing process. We left different. We left knowing that God was healing us. 

“After my husband died, I thought that my purpose died with him, that my hope died with him. I know now that that’s not true. I know that God has a purpose for me, and it’s going to be great!”

Young Brandon Mock from Williams, Arizona, saw an opportunity to minister:

“When this whole conference started, I was hesitant about whether I should go with the youth or stay with my parents or go with the children. I’m at the age where I can go with the children or the youth. 

“I felt like God told me to go with the youth because I’d be helping minister to people there. Before everyone gets here for the day, they let us play ball, basketball, and stuff like that. I’ve been ministering to this boy while we play basketball, and I think I’m doing what God told me, and it’s good.

“My favorite things are the games, the worship, and the atmosphere—just everything. It’s great. 

“What’s special about worship is that I can talk to God by myself. It’s just me and Him, and I can worship Him. It makes me happy when I worship Him.”

And these are just a couple of the hundreds of testimonies that come in from people who have attended a Summer Family Bible Conference!

To other youth, Brandon says, “You should come to Summer Family Bible Conference because there are good families here, and you’ll be involved in things for your age. You’ll be happy here, and it’s fun!”

God is still healing and restoring—even on family vacations!

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