What You See Is What You Get!

12/18/19 at 06:00 AM | Published Under Charis Staff

Based on a teaching by Barry Bennett, “How to Overcome Unbelief” (Part 2)


Sometimes we don’t realize we’ve slipped into offense or that “what about me” attitude. 

Yes, God cares, but why are we in unbelief? That is the real problem. We’re not accessing what He’s given us because we’re in unbelief. You can’t be thankful in unbelief because it comes from a place of faith—where you’ve transcended what’s going on and refuse to be in strife.

If God delivered you right now from every single challenge in your life—sickness, poverty, everything—would you praise God then? Of course you would!

But if you’re in faith, you’ll start now. 

Here are three things to think about to determine if you’re in faith or unbelief:

  1. Identify the real problem. It isn’t God. 2 Peter tells us He’s given us all things. The problem here is knowledge. You’re already equipped, but you have a wrong view of God.
  1. Change what you see on the inside of you. As you think in your heart, so are you. The image you carry on the inside is what you’re projecting into your world. When you’re asking God, “Don’t you care?” you’re seeing yourself as a victim instead of more than a conqueror. You don’t actually believe He gave you all the promises. How you see yourself is going to determine your future because out of the abundance of your heart, you’re going to project something negative or positive, victim or overcomer. The more you meditate in God’s Word about who you are and see yourself as the righteousness of God in Christ, seated with Him in heavenly places, the more that will manifest. 
  1. Choose what you see on the outside. What you see is what you get! If you see lack, that’s what you’ll get. If you see seed, you’ll get a harvest. What you choose to see is either going to come from your natural eyes and a victim mentality, deflecting the blame back to God, which will produce a very poor vision, or you’re going to see the abundance of the kingdom of God and choose to see that there is an answer for every challenge that is exceeding abundantly more than you can think! 

Jesus chose to see the loaves and fishes as potential, and it was His vision that caused the multiplication. The disciples saw the storm, but Jesus was asleep. There were two different visions going on there. Jesus had said, “We’re going to the other side—with a boat or without, it doesn’t matter. We are going to the other side!”

If we identify the real problem and change what we see inside and out, we will see ourselves and others as God sees us. Then, all the good that we see will be what we get!